The Jimny is gathering a lot of eyeballs in the Indian market. Globally too, the Jimny is quite a popular model. Its popularity has helped shape the affordbale off-road category. But, as we wait for the Jimny 5-door, there has been an interesting development coming in from Indonesia. Baojun has released a teaser of a compact off-roader. So who is this Baojun brand? Baojun is a chinese brand owned by the joint venture of SAIC and General Motors. So what’s so special about this compact off-roader? It is not an ICE car, but rather a pure electric car. In today’s article, let’s talk about this electric Maruti Jimny rival.      

What is this car?

Maruti Jimny rival

Baojun has only revealed a short teaser of the car. It is estimated to be smaller than the 3-door Jimny. In the teaser, we can see rounded headlamps and cube-shaped DRLs. What else can we spot? We can also spot the rounded design and roof rails. The rear also gets rounded tail lamps and a straight back. 

More details

Maruti Jimny rival

The car is still a rendering, so information about its specifications is limited. According to AutonetMagz, it could get a dual motor, meaning all-wheel drive capabilities. What about its power figures? It is expected to get a 108bhp motor with a claimed range of more than 300km. Baojun is expected to launch the Guangzhou Auto Show in November 2023.

Electric Maruti Jimny rival- Will it come to India?

Maruti Jimny rival

So the main question is, will it come to India? It is a bit tricky to answer, we first need to understand the Baojun brand. The Baojun brand is owned by a joint venture of SAIC-GM-Wuling automobile. SAIC owns the MG brand. So through this route, this EV could come to India. We are already seeing an example of this with the Wuling Air, which is coming to India through the MG brand. 

What are your thoughts about this off-roader? Let us know in the comments.

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