Bikes have always been a popular mode of transportation in India. Over the years, people have upgraded from commuter bikes to bigger bikes. However, commuter bikes still rule in semi-urban and rural areas. This is the reason why the Splendor has been the best-selling bike in India for several years. Several manufacturers have tried to take on the Splendor but with limited success. Still, Honda could change that with its new 100cc bike. In today’s article, let’s talk about Honda Splendor competitor. 

New details

Honda Splendor competitor

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter (HMSI) is working on a new 100cc motorcycle. This was confirmed by MR Atsushi Ogata, the CEO & MD of HMSI to Car&Bike. He stressed the fact that Honda has a presence in the 125cc segment, but not in the 100cc segment. With the 100cc bike, Honda wants to carve its customer base in the rural parts of the country. Also, with the 100cc bike, Honda wants to disrupt the dominance of Hero in this segment. Honda will be banking on its high reliability and good suspension & handling. 

Honda Splendor competitor – Specifications

Not much is known about the 100cc engine. Currently, Honda has two motorcycles in the 110cc segment. This engine is capable of producing 8.7bhp & 9.3Nm of torque. So we can expect this 100cc engine to get lower power figures than this. In turn, Honda will be looking to maximise fuel economy to attract buyers from the Hero Splendor. We can expect a mileage of 65kmpl to 70kmpl.

Launch & pricing

Honda Splendor competitor

Atsushi Ogata, the CEO & MD of HMSI, recently confirmed that the upcoming product will be a budget commuter bike. He further confirmed that it will be Honda’s first launch in 2023. What about its pricing? Honda will have to price it competitively to take on the Hero Splendor. It is expected to start from Rs 90,000 (on-road, Mumbai). Other than the Splendor, the Honda 100cc bike will compete with the HF Deluxe, Bajaj Platina, etc.

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