MG Motors started with a boom in our country, riding high on its British heritage and capability to offer different types of cars in the market. The first car from the brand, the MG Hector shook up the market in the country with its SUV characteristics and a long list of features. MG continued on its merry way by bringing more cars. Still, these cars couldn’t replicate the success of Hector. Over time, the Hector also started to fade away due to increasing competition from cars like the Mahindra XUV700, Tata Harrier/Safari and the Hyundai Alcazar. So, MG had to do something to arrest the slide. It brought updates to the ZS EV and Gloster. Now the Hector is getting an update. However, this time MG is expected to use a different strategy. The brand plans to use the Hector to take on cars in the higher segments as well. How will the new MG Hector do it in 2022, you ask? In today’s article, let’s find out.

MG’s plan

New MG Hector 2022

As mentioned above, MG is bringing the updated SUV. Generally, when a brand brings a new-generation car, it discontinues the older model. However, MG could take a different route, as it will most likely continue selling the older model along with the newer model. The same treatment could be given to Hector Plus, the 7-seater variant of Hector. So, the Hector family could thus consist of four cars: the currently-available Hector & Hector Plus and the upcoming updated Hector & Hector Plus.


New MG Hector 2022

Like any other brand, MG wants to have more market penetration. So the new one will sit above the current Hector. With the updated Hector, MG would want to target cars from higher segments. How will MG do it? By giving the Hector premium interiors and more features. MG has already teased a 14-inch infotainment system. According to rumours, this new SUV will also be getting ADAS functionality.

Also, the new Hector will get a slightly different design with the new grille and other changes. With these additions, MG will be hoping to attract some buyers from the higher segment. But all these things will come at a cost, with the new Hector touted to be almost Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 3 lakh more expensive than the current model. This is why MG wants to keep the current Hector. The current Hector will cater to a buyer who can’t spend that much but still wants a bigger car, while the new Hector will cater to buyers who can spend extra for the added premium.

New MG Hector 2022 – Launch timeline

New MG Hector 2022

MG has already started the teaser campaign for the new Hector. According to rumours, MG could launch the new Hector before Diwali. It will be the perfect time to bring a new car. MG will be hoping that the new Hector along with the festive season would improve the fortunes of the brand.

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