Mahindra has been eagerly waiting to make a grand comeback in the EV segment. For this, the brand has been working on its ‘Born EVs’, which are its ground-up EVs. Mahindra first started teasing these new cars in February this year. In July, it teased it will be unveiling five new cars based on its Born Electric platform on 15th August 2022. And finally, the day has arrived with Mahindra unveiling these five new EVs today. Mahindra has done so by launching two new EV brands – Electrifying XUV with Copper Twin Peaks & the all-new electric-only brand called BE. In today’s article, we will be covering all the details regarding Mahindra’s 5 new Born Electric cars. 

New INGLO platform

Mahindra electric cars

Mahindra today unveiled the INGLO platform that will underpin all its EVs in the future. What does the INGLO platform stand for? According to Mahindra, it is (In)dian in heart and (Glo)bal in its reach. This platform will encapsulate progressive battery technology, platform architecture, brain power and human interface technology. In simpler terms, it will offer 5G network capabilities, edge to edge screen, augmented reality heads-up and Over the Air (OTA) updates. INGLO will also offer all the things Mahindra is already known for like high safety, exhilarating performance, exemplary driving dynamics and versatility and intelligence. 

Strengths of the INGLO platform

Mahindra electric cars

The main strength of the INGLO platform is its versatile nature. It allows Mahindra to create electric SUVs that fit consumer desires and lifestyles. Also, the INGLO platform is one of the lightest skateboard platforms. Now, let’s talk about its battery capacities. Mahindra is using two different cell architectures- Blade and Prismatic. This will give the EVs options ranging from 60-80kWh battery capacity, protected by a 175kW fast-charge and charging up to 80% in less than 30 minutes. 

Coming to the performance aspect, Mahindra has been pushing its limits in this aspect in its ICE cars and it is no different in its EVs. These EVs will come with a compact all-in-one electric engine with a motor-inverter transmission. Drive options will include a rear-wheel drive setup and an all-wheel drive setup. The rear-wheel drive setup will deliver 170-210kW, while the all-wheel drive setup will deliver 250-290kW.

Mahindra claims 0-100kmph in between 5 to 6 seconds. What about range? The powerful performance will be matched with an efficient powertrain and high voltage systems. Mahindra claims that the enhanced aerodynamics, reducing rolling resistance, zero-drag wheel bearings, high-efficiency cooling & HVAC system will contribute to better range figures. Mahindra will also focus on the performance aspect with semi-active suspensions, high-power steering wheel, intelligent drive modes and brake-by-wire technology.   

Mahindra electric cars

The Mahindra EVs will also come with best-in-class safety. All the EVs will come with a structural cage around the passenger cabin to reduce passenger injury. Mahindra is also taking utmost care of the battery in the event of a collision. All cars will come with ADAS compatibility with 5-radars and future proofed up to Level 2+ autonomy. The INGLO platform will also enable slim cockpits and flat floors offering a lot of space.

With V2L technology, the car can be used as a portable power bank to charge other electrical appliances. As mentioned above, the INGLO platform will offer built-in intelligence. This system will work through the 5G capable network. Mahindra will be using a system of the latest semiconductors and chips to delvier world-class product features.  

Mahindra electric cars – XUV.e8

Mahindra electric cars

Now, let’s start talking about individual products. The first of these is the XUV.e8. The XUV.e8 is a mid-size electric SUV similar to the XUV700. Dimensions-wise, it is 4740mm in length, 1900mm in width & 1760mm in height. It sits on a wheelbase of 2762mm. What else do we know? Mahindra claims that it is a combination of sheer performance, best-in-class technology and safety. The XUV.e8 will also come with an intelligent all-wheel drive system with a sophisticated cabin, offering supreme ride both on and off the road. What about the launch? It will be launched in December of 2024.  


Mahindra electric cars

The second car will be the XUV.e9. The XUVe.9 gets a coupe-like design with a tampering C-pillar. Design-wise, it gets an inverted-shaped DRL that runs throughout the front. The side profile is clean with the rear door handle on the c-pillar. At the rear, we have similar LED taillamps as the front. The XUV.e9 is 4790mm in length, 1905mm in width & 1690mm in height. It sits on a wheelbase of 2775mm. Mahindra claims that it will come with intelligent interiors with a big panoramic sunroof. What about its launch? It will be launched in April of 2025. 

Mahindra electric cars- BE.05

Mahindra electric cars

The BE.05 is another coupe on the list, but it is different to its other siblings. It is a compact coupe with a length of 4370mm, a width of 1900mm and a height of 1635mm. The wheelbase is 2775mm. Coming to the design, it gets an aggressive front look with inverted L-shaped DRLs and a small caved-in grille. The side profile looks compact with sharp cuts. At the rear, we have different elements of taillamps with a blacked-out element in the middle. According to Mahindra, this will be a sports electric vehicle making its own segment. The BE.05 comes with a two-spoke steering wheel and single-piece instrument and infotainment system. Mahindra has plans to launch it by October of 2025. 


Mahindra electric cars

The BE.07 is more of a proper SUV than a coupe SUV, but still, it gets that tapering roofline. The BE.07 is 4565 in length, 1900mm in width & 1660mm in height. It sits on a wheelbase of 2775mm. What about design? The BE.07 gets C-shaped DRLs connecting at the middle. The side profile gets sharp cuts and creases giving it a futuristic look. At the rear, we have C-shaped taillamps like the front. The BE.07 is designed to offer a first-class experience with its versatility and configurable profiles. What about its launch? Mahindra has plans to launch it by October of 2026.

Mahindra electric cars- BE.09

Mahindra electric cars

The final car on the list is the BE.09. Mahindra has revealed the least information about this car. It will be based on the INGLO platform, but Mahindra hasn’t revealed the dimensions or its launch timeline. So what about design? The BE.09 will come with a C-shaped DRL. The BE.09 gets a caved bonnet. Coming to the side profile, it gets a sporty look with a small rear window and sharp cuts. According to Mahindra, it will offer a dynamic roof and solid stance offering a first-class experience to all four passengers. 

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