Mahindra was one manufacturer that started selling EVs when no other manufacturers was even thinking about them. However, that strategy crashed after seeing a respectable incline. Mahindra had to then take a step back and re-evaluate its complete strategy. After a long re-evaluation, Mahindra is coming back with its electric cars to take on the competition. What is Mahindra’s plan? It definitely plans to convert some of its ICE cars into EVs, but the more ambitious plan is to build ground-up EVs that will fill its stable of Mahindra ‘Born Electric Cars’. Mahindra will be unveiling these cars on the 15 of August, which is tomorrow. However, new details have emerged before the grand unveil. What are these new details? In today’s article, let’s find out.

New details

Born electric cars Mahindra

As we get closer to the unveil, more & more details of the Born Electric cars are coming out. We already know that a total of five Born Electric cars will be unveiled tomorrow. However, according to latest reports, one of them will be the XUV800. So what is the XUV800? It is touted to be an electric version of the XUV700. It will be based on a new skateboard platform. Earlier this year, Mahindra joined hands with Volkswagen for electric component sharing. So, the XUV800 could get electric motors and battery cells from VW’s MEB modular platform. Further, the report states that Mahindra is also working on a coupe derivative of the XUV700, which will mostly be called the XUV900. Its ICE version could be called the XUV900, while its EV version could be called the XUV1000 (another one expected to be showcased tomorrow). The XUV900 has long been under speculations and these new reports confirm its presence in the brand’s future portfolio as well.

Born electric cars Mahindra

Mahindra Born electric cars – What else do we know?

Born electric cars Mahindra

Barring these two EVs, Mahindra will also be unveiling three more EVs. All the models have been designed at Mahindra’s Advanced Design Europe Studio in Oxfordshire, UK, headed by Chief Designer Pratap Bose. Earlier, Pratap Bose had also stated that concept cars will be as close to production as possible. Last week, Mahindra teased the infotainment graphics, displaying its various functions. The teaser showed features like multi-zone climate control, music settings, powered seat adjustment and ambient lighting. The teaser also emphasised brand’s focus on user-specific preferences.

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