Honda Activa has been the top-selling scooter in the country for many years now. Moreover, it has been the top-selling two-wheeler in the country on multiple occasions as well, giving tough fight to some reputable products like the Hero Splendor and Honda CB Shine. This clearly establishes the Activa nameplate’s importance in Honda India’s stable. It was long been touted that Honda would launch the Activa electric in India, although there was no solid evidence to support this. Till yesterday, it was just wishful thinking. However today, we have some really solid information in our hand. There has been development regarding the Honda Activa electric. What is the latest development and whether the Activa electric is even being planned for India? Everything in this article.

Honda Activa electric launch – Latest development

Honda Activa electric launch

The booming electric scooter market has caught Honda’s attention. The brand plans to enter the space in the country by early 2023, which to be honest is not many months away. However, one thing to note here is that what the first electric scooter would be has not been confirmed yet. Could it be the Honda U-Go that the brand pateneted in India recently? Only time will tell.

But what about the Activa electric? Atushi Ogata, Managing Director, president and CEO, HMSI has made a statement, clearly hinting about the Activa electric being a definite product in their planning. He said, “With the prices of petrol going up, the demand for battery-operated scooters is on the rise. We are creating a ‘futuristic Activa’ which in itself will be a new segment that will cater to the additional requirements of short distance travel within the city in the urban and semi-urban regions”. This statement alone is enough to confirm that the Honda Activa electric will definitely be a reality in the coming years.

What else is Honda up to with the Activa?

Honda Activa electric launch

Honda has recently released a teaser of its next scooter for the Indian market. Although, only the ‘Honda’ insignia is clearly visible and the headlamp cowl with headlight & indicators is partially visible, the overall silhouette clearly hints towards it being an update for the Activa. What could it be? The next-generation of Activa. Honda 6G was launched in 2020. This means that Honda is all set to launch the Activa 7G in the coming time.

Currently, the Honda Activa 6G comes powered by a 109.51cc engine that makes 7.68bhp & 8.79Nm of torque and is mated to a CVT gearbox. Will the engine be updated? Only time will tell. What updates will it come with is something that cannot be confirmed as of now. However, Honda is expected to give it an updated instrument cluster with improved connected technology.

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