Tata’s SUVs have strengthened its product lineup in India. They have not only revived the brand but have also leapfrogged it into the top league in the country. Tata’s next target is to snatch the second spot from Hyundai. So how does Tata plan to do it? Tata wants to target Hyundai’s star product, the Hyundai Creta. Tata plans to do so with the Curvv concept it revealed earlier this year. But is Tata looking to double the fun by bringing not one, but two Creta rivals? In today’s article, we will talk about them.

Why two SUVs?

Tata Creta rivals

With the Curvv concept, Tata displayed its ambitions of pitting a coupe SUV against the Creta. A coupe SUV will be unique and give it added advantage over Creta. However, a coupe SUV would be something that not everyone will prefer. The tampering roofline at the back could affect rear seat comfort. Also, not everyone cares about sporty dynamics. Some people just want proper road presence and spacious cabin offered by an SUV. So, what can Tata do? It can bring two Curvv-based SUVs – a coupe-styled and a traditionally-styled. By doing this, Tata will give the buyers an option. Also, this way, it can take away more sales from the Hyundai Creta.

Problems with this strategy

Tata Creta rivals

Though the strategy looks quite attractive on paper, it does involve a lot of investment. Not to say that Tata can’t do it, but it will involve a lot of market research. Tata will have to develop two different cars. It will also have to make sure that there is enough differentiation between the two models.

Talking about these SUVs, they are expected be underpinned by a modified version of the X1 platform. For reference, the X1 platform underpins the Tata Nexon. Moreover, the Curvv SUVs will come based on the brand’s Gen 2 Architecture.

Tata Creta rivals – Launch timeline

Tata Creta rivals

So, irrespective of how many Curvv-based models are launched, Tata has confirmed that it will launch the Curvv EV within the next 24 months. This means a launch sometime in 2024. What about a Curvv SUV with ICE? ICE-powered Curvv is expected to launch a few months after the Curvv EV. However, a lot of these timelines depend upon the chip shortage scenario.

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