Mahindra’s last three major launches have proved extremely successful for the brand but extremely threatening for rivals. Aggressively pricing really good products has helped the brand a lot. The first in line was the Thar which was launched on 15th August 2020 and the following Independence Day was booked for XUV700. This Independence Day, the brand has plans to showcase its 5 Born EVs. However, one interesting thing to note is that the XUV700 is set to mark its first anniversary in the country soon. So, we expect Mahindra to bring in a special variant for this SUV. What all could this Mahindra XUV700 special variant offer and when could it see a launch? Everything in this article.

Why a special variant for the XUV700?


As mentioned above, Mahindra could draw in a special variant because the XUV700 is set to mark its one-year anniversary. Moreover, the inclination for the brand to bring a special variant for this SUV becomes strong because this particular product broke multiple records when it launched in the country. To remind, Mahindra XUV700 received 25,000 bookings within the first 57 minutes of booking commencement. Till date, the XUV700 draws in a lot of attention. Mahindra could really attempt to draw in on this popularity.

What could the special variant offer?


Mahindra is expected to give a few visual enhancements to the SUV. The grille could sport tricolour accents inspired by the Indian flag. We could also see ‘Anniversary Edition’ badging around the car. This might be expecting too far, but Mahindra could also offer an Indian flag inspired livery for the SUV. The ‘Anniversary Edition’ badging could be extended to the interior as well. The dashboard could sport the special badging whereas the seating could sport tricolour stitchings. Could Mahindra offer some special features with the anniversary edition? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

When can it launch?

If Mahindra decides to bring in this variant, it would mostly launch it on the 14th of August itself. However, we think the chances of this happening are slim since the XUV700 already sees long waiting periods and adding one more variant to the lineup would be extra burden. What seems more practical is to add in special edition accessories. This will allow buyers to modify their SUV according to their own taste, without having to increase the burden on supply chain. What do you think? Should Mahindra XUV700 get this special variant?

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