The Maruti Jimny is one car that everyone has been dying to see in India. At the same time, people have also gotten bored of all the rumours and leaks. Maruti is testing the patience of the Indian audience in this regard. But of late, things have been moving forward and we already know that it will mostly be unveiled at the Auto Expo of 2023. The Jimny was delayed because Maruti is developing a 5-door variant that will prove to be a more VFM offering for India. Earlier this month, the first spy shots of the Jimny 5-door surfaced on the web, hinting at a speedy development. In today’s article, we will be covering all the important details of the Jimny 5-door that you probably missed.

Dimensions & seating capacity

Maruti Jimny 5-door

According to rumours, the 5-door Jimny will measure 3,850mm in length, an increase of 300mm over the 3-door variant. Other dimensions like the width and height are expected to remain the same at 1645mm and 1730mm, respectively. With the increased length, the wheelbase also sees an increase of 300mm. The ground clearance will be 210mm. Maruti will go one step further with the 5-door Jimny by offering five-seater and seven-seater options. 

Maruti Jimny 5-door – Specifications

Maruti Jimny 5-door

Globally, the 3-door Jimny comes with a 1.5-litre naturally-aspirated engine we see on other Maruti cars like the Brezza and Ertiga. This engine produces 101bhp & 130Nm of torque. But, will this be enough for the 5-door Jimny? We don’t think so, and it seems that Maruti is also thinking on the same lines. In Indonesia, Suzuki is reportedly launching a long-wheelbase version of the 3-door Jimny with the 1.4-litre turbo-petrol engine. Maruti is already testing this engine in India with the Swift Sport. Considering the long-wheelbase 3-door and 5-door have identical dimensions, we think the 1.4-litre engine will make its way on the Indian Jimny as well. What about its power figures? This engine is capable of producing 138bhp & 230Nm of torque. What do you think about this? Do let us know in the comments.


Maruti Jimny 5-door

Features have become an important point even for rugged cars like the Jimny. In terms of features, the Jimny is expected to come with an 8.0-inch infotainment system, a semi-digital instrument cluster, some basic Suzuki Connect features and all power windows. Unsurprisingly, the Jimny will also sport Suzuki’s AllGrip 4WD technology giving it superior off-road capabilities. According to reports, Maruti will also launch a 4×2 model to lower the starting price. 

Maruti Jimny 5-door – Launch timeline

Maruti Jimny 5-door

As mentioned above, things are happening around the Jimny 5-door. The Jimny 5-door is expected to be first unveiled for the European markets before making its way to India. It will be unveiled at the Auto Expo 2023, with a launch happening sometime after the Auto Expo. How excited are you for the 5-door Jimny? Do let us know in the comments.

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