The Toyota Innova is a car that has dominated the MPV segment in India. Since its launch in 2004, it has raked in good sales in our country. Toyota has been quite proactive with Innova in meeting the needs of the customers. The Innova was last updated in 2020 which was a facelift. Now Toyota is giving Innova a major update and this one will be a proper generational update. With this update, the new Toyota Innova will rival some of the existing prominent cars in the seven-seater market. So how will the Toyota Innova do it? In today’s article, let’s find out.

New platform

new Toyota Innova 2022

We do have a fair amount of information about the new Innova. The camouflaged car has been spotted testing in India and South East Asia. So what is this new platform? According to rumours, the new Innova will be based on Toyota’s TNGA platform. Why does it matter? The TNGA platform is a monocoque platform. So with the new platform, the Innova will shift to a monocoque platform from a ladder-on-frame chassis. This change will bring a lot fundamental transitions to the Innova. With a monocoque chassis, the new Innova is expected to get lighter and more agile. These changes will help Innova in taking on modern seven-seater cars like the Tata Safari, Mahindra XUV700, Hyundai Alcazar & MG Hector Plus.

New Toyota Innova 2022 – No diesel

new Toyota Innova 2022

Cars like Innova and other seven-seater cars are known for their diesel engine options. But according to rumours, the Innova HyCross will not come with a diesel engine. It will instead come with a strong hybrid setup paired with its 2.0-litre petrol engine. So why is Toyota getting rid of the diesel engine? To be ready for the upcoming emissions norms in India as well as in other global markets. The hybrid setup will be efficient, but will it be able match the diesel’s popularity? Only time will tell.

Two Innovas?

new Toyota Innova 2022

According to rumours, Toyota will be naming the new one, the Innova HyCross. Toyota will be selling the Innova HyCross alongside the current Innova Crysta. Both vehicles will be positioned equally in Toyota’s product lineup. The current Innova Crysta will cater more to the existing user base, while the new Innova will target a more modern car buyer base. Currently, Innova Crysta starts from Rs 21.42 lakh and goes to Rs 31.31 lakh (on-road, Mumbai). We think Toyota might discontinue some of the higher variants of the Crysta to accommodate the new one. The Innova HyCross might start from Rs 25 lakh and go to Rs 33 lakh (on-road, Mumbai).

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