The Tata Punch has quickly gone to become one of the top-sellers for the brand. The Punch has not only boosted the overall sales for the brand but has revived a segment which was considered dead. Tata’s entry and subsequent success in this segment has inspired quite a few automakers and they have started working on their respective Punch rivals as well. With that being said, there are still a few areas where the Tata Punch can improve and the brand has missed to offer these elements in the current model. So, this article will deal with everything Tata forgot to put in the Punch. Let’s begin.

Electric sunroof

The Tata Punch

Electric sunroof as a feature is preferred by many. Quite a few buyers skip cars on the basis of unavailability of a sunroof. Offering an electric sunroof would have definitely helped Tata attract some more buyers.

Diesel engine

The Tata Punch

Diesel engines are definitely costlier, but they do compensate the extra cost with the impressive mileage & torque figures. The Tata Punch does miss out on a diesel engine, the availability of which would have added more sales in Tata’s kitty. Last year, a Punch was spotted testing with a diesel engine. Could Tata offer Altroz’s 1.5-litre Revotorq diesel engine (88bhp & 200Nm of torque) on the Punch? Only time will tell.

LED Headlamps

LED headlamps are slowly becoming a style quotient in cars along with being funtional elements. The Punch is definitely a good looking car and Tata could have added LED headlamps to enhance its style quotient. Moreover, LED headlamps would have enhanced safety.

Front armrest

The Tata Punch

Missing armrest might not be a big issue for many but having one would have surely been appreciated. An armrest adds to the comfort when driving. Adding one would have not been a difficult task for the brand but they did decide to skip it.

Ambient lighting

The Tata Punch

Ambient lighting, just like armrests, might not be a big thing for many but they definitely enhance the overall premiumness of the cabin. Tata offers ambient lighting on the Altroz and could have offered it on the Punch as well.

What else do you think Tata could have added to the Punch? Do let us know in the comments.

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