Tata has been leading the electric space in the country, thanks to its products like the Nexon EV Prime, the Nexon EV Max and the Tigor EV. Tata’s strategy of converting its existing ICE cars into electric has paid off really well for the brand and there is one prominent reason behind the success; familiarity. When Tata Nexon was transformed to Nexon EV, buyers were already aware with what the Nexon is at its core. A buyer did not have to be introduced to a completely new product; rather was just introduced to a new technology. With the brand’s backing of safety, comfort and competent design, the Nexon EV did not take long before pushing Tata to the pedestal in the electric space. Tata wants to bank on this strategy and is already working on a new, affordable EV. What is this new EV and why you should be excited for it? Everything in this article.

What is this new, affordable Tata EV?

Affordable Tata EV

If you haven’t guessed, we are talking about the Tata Tiago EV. The brand has had plans of bringing the Tiago EV to the market for quite some time now. How do we know this? Tata showcased the Tiago EV at the Auto Expo of 2018. The car has long been speculated to enter the market as an affordable option. The possibility of Tiago EV coming to the market becomes even higher since another EV which was showcased alongside this one has already entered the market. It is the Tigor EV. Both of them were showcased at the Auto Expo 2018 together. With the latter already launched, the Tiago EV is expected to follow soon.

What could it offer?

Affordable Tata EV

Before we talk about Tiago EV’s expected specifications, let’s first talk about what the Tigor EV offers. The electric compact sedan with Ziptron technology comes powered by a 26kWh, liquid-cooled high energy density, IP67-rated battery pack. This EV produces 74bhp & 170Nm of torque and comes with a claimed range of 306km. We expect the same specs to be offered with the Tiago EV as well. Why, you ask? Because the Tigor and Tiago are close siblings. Thus, offering the same setup on Tiago EV should not be a major task for the brand.

Why should you be excited about it?

Tata cars, as mentioned above, are very well known for their comfortable cabin, sturdy build quality and modern features. Same is the case with the Tiago. Thus, we can expect these same characteristics from the Tiago EV as well. So, the end result of everything would be a comfortable, feature-loaded, safe electric hatchback. Moreover, with it being a hatchback, it would be a comfortable city car. All of this is definitely expected to make it an exciting product from Tata’s stable.

Affordable Tata EV – Pricing & launch

Affordable Tata EV

As far as pricing is concerned, we expect it to start from somewhere around Rs 11 lakh (ex-showroom). The launch could take place sometime next year and Tata might use Auto Expo 2023 as the perfect opportunity to showcase this car once again in its final avatar.

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