Tata launched the Nexon EV back in 2020 and it has quickly climbed stairs to become the top-selling electric car in India. Tata has been riding high on its success, leading the race in the segment. Looking at the success of the Nexon EV, many brands have started working on their iterations of an affordable electric SUV. To bank on the sales of Nexon EV and take on premium rivals like the Hyundai Kona EV & the MG ZS EV facelift, Tata recently brought in the Nexon EV Max. The Nexon EV Max brings with it a slightly more powerful motor, higher-range battery pack and some more features. However, after being on sale for over two years, first case of a Tata Nexon EV catching fire emerged recently. The Nexon EV caught fire near Vasai in Mumbai yesterday. We will discuss the complete case. Moreover, we will also discuss Tata’s official statement after the incident.

Tata Nexon EV fire – What is the complete case?

Tata Nexon EV fire

Yesterday, a Tata Nexon EV caught fire in Vasai West. The battery pack of the Nexon EV caught fire while the owner was driving it back to his home. This particular EV is reported to be just two months old. Although rains are heavy in the city currently, the conditions were normal with no heavy rain or any other irregular condition to have triggered such a reaction. The videos from the scene reveal that emergency services were trying to put out the fire even though the fire strengthened.

What is Tata’s take on this?

Tata Nexon EV fire

Tata Motors has issued a statement after the video of the incident came into light:

“A detailed investigation is currently being conducted to ascertain the facts of the recent isolated thermal incident that is doing the rounds on social media. We will share a detailed response after our complete investigation. We remain committed to the safety of our vehicles and their users. This is a first incident after more than 30,000 EVs have cumulatively covered over 100 million km across the country in nearly 4 years.”

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