Last week, Hyundai wrapped up the launch of Venue facelift. Now, what is the brand planning next? Hyundai has a sleeve of exciting products planned in the coming time. These products hit every major segment and will definitely come in to give tough fight to the existing competition. Hyundai is expected to play a big game with these new cars. So, what are these 5 products? What will they have on offer? And most importantly, when will they launch in India? This is exactly what we discuss in today’s article.

New Hyundai cars – New Tucson

New Hyundai cars

Hyundai has its game sorted in the mid-budget segment with cars like the Creta, the Venue, etc. However, one area where the brand takes a major hit is the mid-size SUV segment. As of today, the Tucson sits as the brand’s flagship product, but it still fails to bring in impressive sales for the brand even after being a good product. To turn around this nameplate’s fate, Hyundai is bringing in the latest generation update for this SUV. Tucson will soon be getting a generational update in India on the 13th of July. So, what’s new this time? The new one will come with the famed jewel-shaped grille that we expect to see more Hyundai cars in the future. The main highlights are expected to be the bold design and the availability of new, modern features. Hyundai is expected to bring ADAS with this SUV, which will make it the first Hyundai product in the country with this functionality.

New Hyundai carsIONIQ 5

New Hyundai cars

Following the Tucson will be Hyundai’s second EV in India, the IONIQ 5. The IONIQ 5 is the sister model to the Kia EV6. So will this be a Rs 60 lakh EV as well? We don’t think so. Unlike the EV6, Hyundai will be assembling the IONIQ 5 in India, which is expected to bring the final cost of this EV down, making it a better value proposition. What about the range and power figures? Globally, the IONIQ 5 comes with various battery and motor options, and gets a maximum range of 481km (WLTP cycle). What Hyundai decides to offer in India is something that we will have to wait for.

New Hyundai cars – Creta facelift

New Hyundai cars

The Creta has a major role to play in Hyundai’s popularity in India in the modern times. Since its launch in 2015, it has ruled the C-SUV segment. However, with the inception of newer rivals, it has started to face tough competition. To tackle that, Hyundai is expected to bring its facelift in 2023. What new can Hyundai add to the facelift? It will get an updated design inspired by the Tucson. Other than that, it will get several new features with ADAS also expected to be one of them.


New Hyundai cars

The success of Tata Punch has opened up competition in the micro-SUV segment. Hyundai is said to be working on a new micro-SUV codenamed Ai3. But doesn’t Hyundai have the Casper? The Casper is a small car, suitable to be marketed as a Kei car but will not be able to qualify as a proper rival against a car like the Punch. Coming back to the Ai3, it is expected to be a feature-rich SUV since it will be coming from the Hyundai stable. We have written a detailed article on this SUV. You can get more information by clicking on the link below.

New-generation Verna

New Hyundai cars

Hyundai wants to keep the mid-size sedan market alive with its new-generation Verna. The car was spotted testing in India a while ago. From the spy shots, it seems to be a bigger car when compared to the current one. Moreover, it is expected to come with a new design, something on similar lines as the current Hyundai cars. What else can Hyundai change? Hyundai can give it a modern dashboard layout as well as several new features. However, the biggest upgrade that this car needs is in the second-row. The second-row of the Verna feels cramped and Hyundai should work on it.

Affordable EV

New Hyundai cars

Hyundai’s next electric car for India will be the IONIQ 5, but once the infrastructure is developed, the brand will be launching more mass-market EVs. Hyundai has already confirmed that it is working on an affordable EV for the Indian market. So when can we expect it? Not much is known about this EV, but we can expect it in the next two to three years, once the ecosystem is properly developed.

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