Major EV push in India has been brought in by manufacturers like Tata and MG until now. The biggest driver behind this growth has been Tata with its Nexon EV. Looking at the success of the Nexon EV, many manufacturers have started planning their version of an affordable EV. Even MG is planning two affordable EVs, one to take on the Nexon EV and one that could sit as the cheapest EV in the market once it launches. Now, one American manufacturer is working on an electric SUV that could take on the existing players in India. We are talking about Jeep. Jeep is soon planning to enter this race. Its new electric car was recently spotted testing in Europe. In today’s article, we will be talking about this affordable American EV and whether it will come to India or not. 

Spied exterior

Affordable American EV

The spy images of this Jeep electric car were posted by CarExpert. The car is covered in camouflage, but we can spot some important details through it. First of all, we get to sleek DRLs, something that we generally see with cars from Citroen. The side profile seems to be clean with not many creases. We can also spot blacked-out alloy wheels. At the rear, we have blacked-out tail lamps as well. The design looks very similar to the concept that the brand had showcased in the past.

What platform will it use?

Affordable American EV

The platform used in this new SUV has big significance for the Indian market. Why? The SUV is based on the eCMP platform, an electrified version of the Common Modular Platform that underpins the C3 in India. So with this platform, this SUV has more chances of hitting the Indian shores. The other platform Jeep can use is the STLA platform developed by Stellantis. So it remains to be seen which platform this SUV will come based upon.

One thing to keep in mind is that this EV will come with off-roading capabilities since Jeep does inject its DNA in every car it makes. What technology will be used will become clear once more information about the product is out.

Affordable American EV – Will it come to India?

Affordable American EV

Jeep has plans to launch a lot of new products in India. There is no confirmation from the brand regarding this particular EV’s launch here but we hope Jeep brings it to India. Jeep does realise that India is a price sensitive market and they would need to keep the costs down. We mentioned above that this EV could come based on the eCMP platform. If this happens, it could definitely bring the costs down for the American manufacturer. This way, Jeep would be able to market the EV more aggressively.

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