Ola has officially started rolling out MoveOS 2 update to the S1 Pro scooters. This is an Over-The-Air (OTA) update which you can easily download from the scooter’s interface. The planned timeline is between 19th June to 30th June. The brand aims to complete the rollout for all its scooters plying on the roads within this time period. Even the scooter in our office has received the update and we have already put out videos on our social handles for you to know about them in detail. However, in the midst of all of this, Bhavish Aggarwal has made another interesting announcement today. Ola has already started working on the next upgrade, which the brand will call the MoveOS 3. What will be new and what do we know so far, everything in today’s article. Let’s go.

What to expect from Ola MoveOS 3?

Ola MoveOS 3

Bhavish Aggarwal via a tweet has revealed that he will be sharing more information about the MoveOS 3 on 15th of August. More features will be added via the next update. Moreover, the brand will be focusing on regeneration to make it ‘SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER’. As of now, that is all that Bhavish has revealed but with time, we will surely get to see some more details rolling in.

What new features can we expect?

Ola MoveOS 3

Bhavish Aggarwal revealed tons of features that the Ola S1 Pro will come with when he launched the scooter last year. However, these features are being rolled with updates. MoveOS 2 brought in five new features. We have already written an article on it in detail which you can read by clicking on the link below. 

Coming back to MoveOS 3, it could receive some yet-to-come features like hill hold, HMI moods with sounds, voice assistant, proximity lock/unlock, receive calls/messages/access contacts, Geo fencing, etc. Ola might add some more features to this list, depending on the user demand and what the company feels is important as industry standard. TPMS could be something that the brand could add in the coming time or in the future updates for the S1 Pro.

What else is Ola Electric up to?

Ola MoveOS 3

Although Ola Electric has been busy with the S1 Pro, the brand very recently revealed its next plan; launch electric cars in the coming time. Ola teased three electric cars at the customer event held at their Futurefactory on Sunday. As revealed from the images, these electric cars will come with futuristic design elements with lights running across the front and rear fascia. All of these cars are expected to be sedans. Now why sedan you may think? A sedan, conventionally, has the best aerodynamic design when we compare it to other regular body types. Now, for an EV, the most crucial element is efficiency. With an aerodynamic design, the EV would easily be able to cut through air thus reducing the drag, in turn, increasing the efficiency of the whole system. Ola would attempt to make the EVs as aerodynamic as possible in order to offer maximum range.

Ola Electric could load the EVs with larger battery packs in order to give a tough fight to the competition brought in by established carmakers. The brand is expected to attract customers with high range numbers and a lucrative pricing. To top that off, Ola might offer some very unique features with their EVs, something that the brand did with the S1 Pro as well. All of this is expected to make the Ola electric cars a strong case in the market. The first Ola electric car is expected to go into production somewhere around the end of next year. So, we can expect the first Ola electric car to launch somewhere around mid-2024. 

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