Road safety is a major problem in India. We have the highest road accident fatality in the world. Of late, there has been awareness regarding safer cars for India. This awareness has been brought by GNCAP and Indian manufacturers like Tata & Mahindra. Still, GNCAP is a global safety organisation, and not all manufacturers send cars for testing. So the Indian government wants to set up its crash testing facility called Bharat New Car Assessment (BNCAP). It has been in the works, but now, there has been a new development. In today’s article, let’s talk about BNCAP and how it will result in all Indian cars becoming safe.

New development

safe Indian cars

ARAI, an autonomous body associated with the government, is ready with documents for BNCAP. This means we are one step closer to its implementation. Where will ARAI test the cars? ARAI has a fully-equipped test facility in Chakan, Pune. Bharat NCAP also wants to be future-ready for testing CNG cars and EVs.

Why do we need BNCAP?

As mentioned above, GNCAP is currently testing Indian cars. But it is not a mandatory test, so a lot of manufacturers skip it. With BNCAP, the government wants to make crash testing ratings mandatory for all cars. This will push everyone to implement better safety standards.  

Safe Indian cars – Other safety implementations

safe Indian cars

The government is giving a big priority to safety. It has already made a lot of active and passive features like ABS+EBD, seat belt reminders, speed warning, and dual airbags mandatory in all cars. The six airbags rule will be implemented for all new cars from this October. There are also proposals to implement ADAS for enhanced safety.

Through all of this, all Indian cars and all cars in India will have to tick mark the ‘safe’ box before they reach customers.

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