The interiors of Fiat’s new entry-level, low cost hatchback, Mobi (codenamed X1H) has been spied in Brazil. The new hatchback is supposed to be launched in the first quarter of 2016, presently in Brazil only.

The interiors are basic, but not boring. One can notice the three-spoke steering wheel, a small display in the instrument cluster, vertical AC vents in the middle and circular  vents on the sides. This seems to be an entry level variant which has space for an audio system as well as an infotainment system. The interiors seem to be a tad more stylish than the Renault Kwid, its main competitor in the market. The car will come in three variants – Easy, Like and Drive.


The X1H is built on a new hybrid platform that borrows a major part of its architecture from the 327 (new Uno platform). This new platform has even better strength and will conform to present and future crash test norms.  The X1H has several similarities with the new Uno, as the front doors and windshield are be borrowed from it. The X1H will have a shorter wheelbase though and hence a different rear portion. The rear hatch will be an all glass one, similar to the Honda Brio and the car will be of the size of the VW Up.


Image Source: Autosegredos


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