Electric vehicles in India are progressing at a good pace. People are now moving from being skeptic to considering electric vehicles as their primary vehicles. But for budget buyers, there are not many options available. The cheapest EV that you can buy today is the Tata Tigor EV. But even the cheapest EV comes in at a premium of Rs 13 lakhs. So there are no options for buyers with a budget that falls under Rs 10 lakhs. Looking at this, MG is planning to launch an affordable electric vehicle, the MG E230. In this article, we have mentioned all the details about the affordable MG E230 EV and how it will change the market.


MG affordable EV

The MG E230 will be a compact two-door, four-seater mini car. Being this compact, it will most likely be very easy to drive in city traffic. Moreover, parking a compact car in congested areas should not be a task. It is also expected to be a good option to consider over a bike for daily commutes. Moreover, a minicar will come in really handy during rainy seasons.


MG affordable EV

MG as a company is very well-known for the features they offer. However, the MG E230 would be one of the most affordable vehicles by the company. It would also be the most affordable electric vehicle in India. So there might not be a list of fancy features. However, basic safety features like ABS, EBD, front airbags, rear parking sensors, power windows, etc. are expected. Also, some sort of infotainment option should be made available for the occupants.

MG affordable EV – Motor and Battery

MG affordable EV

For this size, we expect MG to use a motor which could produce around 50bhp. As this car is very compact and lightweight, 50bhp would be enough for this car. This EV might be powered by a 20kWh Li-ion battery pack. Since the car will mostly be focused for city commuters, a real-world range of around 150km should be able to attract buyers to it.

MG affordable EV – Prices and launch

MG affordable EV

MG has confirmed that they would be launching an affordable electric vehicle under Rs 10 lakhs. So we expect that the MG E230 to be priced around Rs 10 lakhs (on-road, Mumbai). We could see this EV launch around the first half of 2023.

How will it change the market?

Indian buyers have always been in the quest of appreciating value-for-money cars. However good a car may be, the lack of important elements that support its VFM aspect would surely bring it down. Customers are concerned about features but what attracts them the most is right pricing. MG is aiming to bring this EV around Rs 10 lakh. With this, it would mostly be the cheapest EV in India, at least for some time. Now, there will be a lot of buyers who want to shift to an EV but are finding the current pricing of EVs to be high for an early gamble. With this pricing, MG should be able to attract quite many buyers. Moreover, MG could start a trend of mini cars in India, similar to what Smart was able to achieve in the European markets.

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