Tata Motors is currently on a roll in the EV space. It rules the EV segment currently, thanks to the Nexon EV and Tigor EV. Tata does realise that it needs to keep on bringing new products to maintain its lead in the market. For that, it is touted to be working on converting a few more of its ICE vehicles to EVs. But what after that? Tata’s next major EV will be the production version of the Curvv concept. What could it offer, what about the launch plans, what features could it come with? Everything about this special SUV from Tata in today’s article.


Tata special SUV

Tata had taken complete design liberties with the Curvv concept. So, will the production car get the same design? Tata would look to retain as much as possible in the production version. It will get LED DRLs and LED headlamps. The unique thing about the production car is expected to be the coupe-styled design. This could make it the first electric coupe in its price segment (if Tata launches it before any other car manufacturer brings in a similarly-styled SUV). Moreover, its ICE counterpart is also expected to be the first coupe SUV in its price bracket. The side profile is where you will see the notchback design giving it its unique characteristics.

Tata special SUV – Interior design

Tata special SUV

The interiors of the Curvv concept get a futuristic design. It gets a minimalistic dashboard with only a floating infotainment system in the middle. Other than this, we see a two-spoke steering wheel, panoramic sunroof, electrically powered tailgate and a floating digital instrument cluster. Will all of this feature in the production version? Only time will tell. However, Tata is expected to again retain some elements like the two-spoke steering wheel, the big touchscreen infotainment system, the fully-digital instrument cluster, the digital gear knob (similar to the one that we saw on the Nexon EV Max), etc.


Tata special SUV

Tata didn’t reveal the specification details of the Curvv. But it has confirmed that it will first bring the EV variants, followed by ICE variants. According to our sources, the Curvv based SUV will get a 1.2-litre turbo-petrol engine as well as a 1.5-litre turbo-petrol engine. We have already covered this topic in detail, you can check it out by clicking on the link below.

Tata special SUV – Launch timeline

Tata special SUV

So when can we see the production version of the Curvv? According to sources, the Curvv EV is coming within the next 24 months. ICE-powered Curvv will follow the EV soon. However, the launch timelines are still dependent on the chip shortage and testing of components.

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