Tata Motors is on a roll in the sales chart. Its ICE-cars have done wonders, but the real surprise package has been its EV lineup. The Tata Nexon EV has become the best-selling EV in India. The brand already had the Tigor EV but has recently added Nexon EV Max to its lineup as well. So what’s next from Tata Motors in the EV space? Most probably, the Altroz EV would be the next EV on the cards. After the Altroz EV, we expect Tata to bring the Punch EV. So what is the launch timeline of the Tata Punch EV? In today’s article, we discuss that.

Tata Punch EV Launch timeline

Tata Punch EV launch

Tata is expected to next focus on the launch of the Altroz EV. Tata already launched the Nexon EV Max this year. Thus, the Punch EV could makes its way to the market sometime in 2024, most probably by mid-2024. Along with these, Tata will also be bringing the Curvv EV and the Avinya EV with expected launch timelines set as 2024 and 2025 respectively.

What can we expect from the Tata Punch EV?

The Punch EV will continue with Tata’s Alfa Arc platform. This platform is quite versatile. What about the design? The Punch EV will get some subtle design changes over the ICE Punch. It will mostly get blue highlights on the exterior as well as some EV badging. Apart from this, Tata would mostly add its EV-specific Signature Teal Blue colour to the Punch EV. The interiors are also expected to sport the same blue highlights. What about features? The Punch EV will mostly get all the features that the normal Punch gets. Could there be something extra? Only time will tell, however, since there is still a significant amount of time left before the launch, we expect some sort of new additions to the car.

Battery and motor specifications

Tata Punch EV launch

Like other EVs, the Punch EV would come with Tata’s Ziptron technology. Tata might give it a 73bhp electric motor like the Tigor EV. This motor could be paired to a 26kWh battery pack. What could the range figures be like? The battery pack is expected to give it a real-world range of around 200km to 250km.


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