Jeep is globally known for its rugged SUVs that are ever-ready to take on different as well as difficult terrains. This American brand strictly relates itself with capable off-roading machines and does not budge down on this element. This is why every Jeep nameplate that we see today comes with some sort of 4X4 or 4WD capability. But why are we discussing this? Because this is the most crucial element that you should remember while going through this article. Jeep seems to be preparing a car for the C-segment which is playground for cars like the Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, etc. Today, this car has been spotted for the first time after months and months of speculations. This article will be all about this Rs 14 lakh Jeep SUV that has been spotted and how it could potentially be the next segment-changer. Excited? Let’s begin.

But, wasn’t Jeep making a compact SUV for India?

Rs 14 lakh Jeep SUV

Yes, they were. Until a few months ago, Jeep was committed on making a sub-4m compact SUV that would take on the likes of Maruti Brezza, Tata Nexon, Hyundai Venue, etc. The compact SUV was being touted to come with a capable 4X4 system via the brand’s 4Xe technology that even powers the brand’s big SUV like the Wrangler. With 4Xe, the Jeep compact SUV would have become the first car in its segment to offer this capability. However, in February, Jeep CEO, Christian Meunier made it clear that the brand has put a hold on the ‘sub-4m Jeep SUV for India’ idea since the whole project was not making a perfect ‘cost vs capability’ case for the brand for a price sensitive market like us. Moreover, the sub-4m category is a tough one play in due to various limitations and taxations depending on the former. With this went the hope of seeing a compact SUV rival from Jeep out the window (atleast for sometime).

What is this new SUV?

Rs 14 lakh Jeep SUV

Moving on from the above-mentioned SUV, the brand has put back its focus on the next lucrative segment in India. We are talking about the C-SUV segment. Currently, this segment sees cars like Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, Skoda Kushaq, Volkswagen Taigun, MG Astor and Nissan Kicks. This Jeep SUV will come in to compete in this space. Now, what will make it unique? This is why we asked you to keep in mind the brand’s philosophy of making capable off-roaders. It could become the first car in modern times to offer a 4X4 setup. Currently, no competitor offers this. Jeep will look to achieve this via the aforementioned 4Xe technology.

Jeep currently exports the Compass from India to right-hand drive markets like Australia, Japan, UK, New Zealand and South Africa. The brand could be looking to do the same with this SUV as well. This could help in maximising their profits from this car.

Rs 14 lakh Jeep SUV – Specifications

Rs 14 lakh Jeep SUV

This SUV is expected to come based on the brand’s ‘Small Wide 4X4’ platform. Now, which engine will power this SUV cannot be confirmed as of now, however, we expect Citroen’s 1.2-litre turbo-petrol engine to power this car (the same unit which is expected to power the C3). What will make the difference here is the 4Xe technology. With this tech onboard, the power and torque figures are expected to see a push, which will make it a better off-road focused SUV. Moreover, the usual engine re-tuning can also be expected to further boost the figures by a considerable margin. What do you think about this configuration?

Rs 14 lakh Jeep SUV – Design

Rs 14 lakh Jeep SUV

Although the spy shot does not reveal much, but when looked closely at, it very much resembles to the renderings that we have attached as well. With this design, the brand would definitely be able to turn some heads. The design carries some signature Jeep elements including the seven-slat grille and rectangular headlamps. All in all, the car is expected to bear some modern design elements.


Rs 14 lakh Jeep SUV

In terms of features, the car is expected to come loaded with features, with some expected to trickle down from the Compass. A fully-digital instrument cluster, a big touchscreen infotainment system, UConnect 5, multi-colour ambient lighting, electric sunroof, etc. are expected to be some of them. All in all, the Jeep would want to sit down on the premium side of things and the features are expected to reflect that.


Rs 14 lakh Jeep SUV

Jeep sits as a premium brand in the country. Its current offerings like the Compass, the Meridian and the Wrangler are clear indicators of that. Now, Jeep would want to replicate the same with this SUV as well. The Hyundai Creta currently starts at Rs 12.36 lakh (on-road, Mumbai). We expect this SUV to atleast start from somewhere around Rs 14 lakh to Rs 15 lakh (on-road). With the 4Xe technology on board, the pricing could cross the Rs 25 lakh (on-road) mark. Do you think this Jeep SUV would make sense for the country.

BONUS – What is 4Xe technology?

Rs 14 lakh Jeep SUV

4Xe is basically the combination of a regular engine and a battery pack, working together. The ICE unit will power the front wheels whereas the battery pack will power the rear wheels. When working together, both system can power all wheels at once, replicating the 4X4 effect. Now, there are benefits of the 4Xe tech as well. The battery pack is placed below the 2nd-row. This allows for the battery to be placed high above the ground, allowing the car to have higher ground clearance as well as better water wading capacities.

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