The biking culture has grown very well in India over the years. Previously, bikes were majorly used for daily commuting but now, people love travelling long distances on bikes (either purposeful or just for leisure). However, whatever the case be, there are some really important accessories that you need to have for a smooth riding experience. In this article, we have mentioned 5 bike accessories that you need to have.

Important bike accessories – Riding Gears

Important bike accessories

Wearing proper gear is very important whenever you ride a bike. The most important thing is to wear a helmet. Never ride on flip-flops or slippers. A flip-flop might not be able to give you good grip in cases of emergency or even while general commuting. Wearing shoes is important. For added safety, it is very well recommended to purchase riding boots. Apart from these, riding jackets, pants and gloves will maximise your safety while on a bike ride.

Phone Mount

Important bike accessories

While on a long road trip, your phone becomes your most trusted companion. So, a phone mount can help you to access your phone easily and hassle-free during long rides. While riding, a phone is mainly used to attend calls, refer to GPS, see notifications and alerts, and a few other things. However, don’t get too involved in your phone as it might divert your attention from the road, which is very risky. Moreover, don’t forget to enjoy the journey.

Hydration Bag

Important bike accessories

If you are someone who does long commuting on daily basis or just loves to take their bike on a long ride often, then you should definitely consider adding a hydration bag to your accessory list. When commuting long distances, there are moments when the body tends to dehydrate due to a couple of reasons. In moments like these, a hydration bag comes in very handy. You can rehydrate without having to take a stop. You can easily mount the bag on your back and can sip water/refreshment according to your convenience.

Motorcycle Tank Bag

Important bike accessories

Carrying a bag for small stuff sometimes becomes a painful task. So in this case, a tank bag helps a lot. As the name suggests, a tank bag can be attached to the fuel-tank of the bike via magnets or straps. You can store important vehicle documents as well as some tiny nic-nacs you might need on the go. Tank bags are available in multiple sizes, depending on what and how you wish to carry on your trip.

Important bike accessories – Toolkit with Puncture Kit

Important bike accessories

Having a toolkit with a puncture kit can be life-saving. If you get stuck on highways, having a toolkit with a torch will be very helpful. Your toolkit must have components like a torch, spanner of a few different sizes, wrench set, screwdrivers, etc. Having a puncture kit will be a boon if your tyre goes flat in a remote area or on the highway.

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