Mahindra has just launched its newest model the KUV100 which is meant to eat in to the sales of the ever growing hatchback segment. With prices starting from INR 4.86 lakhs for the base petrol to INR 8.0 lakhs on-road Mumbai for its top spec diesel, it is equipped with all the tools necessary to give the competition a run for their money.

Mahindra KUV1009                Mahindra KUV1003

Mahindra KUV100 vs Maruti Suzuki Swift


The KUV100 is an all new car as compared to the Maruti Suzuki Swift that has been around now for a long time. The KUV100 is wider and taller than the Swift and this translate to a slightly larger cabin space. The KUV100 party piece is the fact that it can seat six passengers due to the inclusion of the bench seat up front and is the only car in its segment to do so.


Like the Swift, the KUV100 has both petrol and diesel engine options and like the swift the power output also is quite similar thought in the diesel the torque kicks in a little sooner than on the Swift making it more driveable in city conditions. The Swift offers very little when compared to the features that the KUV100 come fitted it. ABS, EBD and Airbags are offered even on the lower variants of the model ensuring the safety of the passengers. It also offers features like dual rear fog lights which are a first again for its segment. There is also a feature where the hazard light flashes under panic braking situations similar to be found in much more luxurious and expensive German sedans. Even though the Swift skims down on equipment there is no way anyone can ignore the fact that the Swift has been India hottest selling hatchback for the last decade. It is known for its very high reliability, low cost of ownership, good resale value and last but not least the refinement of the car overall. And this for us takes priority over any everything else.

Mahindra KUV100 vs Hyundai Grand i10


Like the KUV100, Hyundai’s i10 Grand is also loaded with features. This is to the extent that they are neck to neck to the finish. With prices starting from INR 5.30 lakhs on road Mumbai it seems to choose between these two will is tough. Where is i10 Grand scores on areas like fit and finish and ergonomics of the well laid out cabin the KUV100 impresses us with higher ground clearance and interior space. The i10 Grand is powered either a 1.2 liter Kappa petrol engine or a 1.1 liter CRDi diesel engine. The petrol KUV100’s power output is almost identical to that of the i10 but scores a bit more on the diesel front producing higher bhp and torque. Like we mentioned ealier the KUV100 boosts of a six seater configuration that is optional and this no other car in its segment comes close to.


Since there are not much differences in features and power between both these vehicles the KUV100 emerges a winner due to the fact it has a higher ground clearance which is always helpful in a country like ours along with the optional additional seat which could just help make long distance commutes more pleasurable.


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