We don’t need to remind you about the heatwave in India; you will be already experiencing it on an everyday basis. But this heat gets intensified when you leave your car parked under the scorching sun. The car can be termed no less than an oven. So today, we are sharing 5 tips that will help you quickly cool your car in summer.

Move the air

Cool your car

The first thing to do is to roll down the driver side’s window. Then go to the co-driver’s side and open & close the door up to five to ten times. This process will help circulate the air that is trapped inside. Doing this can quickly drop the temperature.

Cool your car – Using the lower vents

It is basic science that hot air rises upwards. So you must blast the cooler air through the vents placed in the footwell. This will force the hot air to rise upwards and out of the windows. Shut off the AC vents on the dashboard so that the upward flow is not blocked.

Get your car moving

Cool your car

Now that you have turned on the AC, you must go ahead and start driving the car. The reason behind this is that for air conditioning to be efficient, the condenser should experience proper air flow over it. Driving your car is going to force air movement and will assist the radiator in offering maximum cooling inside.

Park it in the shade

Though it seems to be quite obvious, it is one of the best ways to cool your car. If you park your car where it is safe, keep a slight gap in the windows, helping to keep the air circulating properly. This method combined with shades will help you keep your car cool.

Cool your car – Remotely start your engine

Cool your car

Nowadays, most newer cars come with connected car technology. So remote engine start/stop is the best feature you can use in summers. It lets you remotely set up the AC temperature 5 to 10 mins before your drive. So you can get a cool cabin even before you reach your car.

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