Japanese manufacturer Toyota has been ruling the full-size SUV segment ever-since Ford left India and took with itself the Endeavour. The Fortuner has had a complete leverage to hold a monopoly in its segment after that. Thanks to the Endeavour exit, the Fortuner today brings in close to 2000 sales every month. Toyota, after winning this segment has moved on to a new segment. This segment had no major player that concretely defined it and could not garner much attention. We are talking about pickups. Isuzu was the only player (passenger vehicle) in this segment that was selling a pickup. However, Toyota this year decided to drop in its iconic Hilux in India. The Hilux is a rugged five-seater pickup truck and comes based on the same platform that underpins the full-size SUV segment king as well. Now, with Toyota Hilux in the market, you might be confused which should to pick. In this article on Hilux vs Fortuner, we discuss some points and discuss whether buying a Toyota Hilux makes more sense than buying the Toyota Fortuner.


Hilux vs Fortuner

Being a pickup truck, the Hilux offers a large bed instead of a boot. This makes it more practical than the Fortuner. You get a good spacious five-seater SUV with a huge open loading bay at the rear. You can carry more stuff than on a Fortuner. For a family of five people, considering a Hilux becomes a good option.


Hilux vs Fortuner

The Hilux comes powered by a 2.8-litre turbo-diesel engine that makes 201bhp & 420Nm(MT)/500Nm(AT) of torque. A six-speed manual or a six-speed torque converter automatic gearbox are available to pick from. The Hilux being a purpose-focused product is available with a 4X4 drivetrain only. We do get to see this on the Fortuner as well, however, the Fortuner is available with a 4X2 drivetrain also.


Hilux vs Fortuner

The Hilux comes with a decent amount of features. Features are distributed based on the variant layout. The Hilux comes in two variants only; STANDARD & HIGH. The Standard variant brings in almost all important features like electrically-adjustable ORVMs, manual AC, VSC, seven airbags, ABS, cruise control, an 8.0-inch infotainment system, front parking sensors, electronic differential lock, etc. The High variant brings in some additional premium features like dual-zone AC, second-row AC vents, leather seats, power adjustable driver seat and a few others. The availability of necessary features does not push the Hilux way too far behind the Fortuner. However, the Fortuner does offer a few extra features like ventilated seats, wireless charging and a few others.

Hilux vs Fortuner – Capabilities & Usage

Hilux vs Fortuner

Due to standard 4×4, the Toyota Hilux is capable of taking on every possible rough terrain. The Fortuner is equally capable as well. If you love to go camping, the Hilux will blend in the situation better than the Fortuner. You can carry the big tents and other essential things which the Hilux can easily accommodate.

Hilux vs Fortuner – Pricing

Hilux vs Fortuner

This is where the actual confusion comes in. Both cars are rugged, but one is a five-seater whereas the other one is a seven-seater. One is a pickup truck with a large bed whereas one is a full-size SUV. However, as mentioned above, both the cars are equally capable. The base variant of the Toyota Hilux starts at Rs 41.28 lakhs and the top trim will cost you Rs 44.64 lakhs (on-road, Mumbai). Comparing it to the Fortuner’s 4X4 variants, Hilux comes in at approximately Rs 4.48 lakh cheaper than the SUV.

Does Hilux make sense over the Fortuner?

Toyota Hilux becomes a great choice for people looking for a rugged lifestyle SUV. The Hilux can command a strong road presence, take on different terrains and offer you comfort, and that too without breaking a sweat. Even the Fortuner can do all of this but commands a premium of Rs 4.48 lakh (on-road, Mumbai). So, if practicality is your focus and you do not care about all the seven seats, you should definitely consider the Hilux. However, if you are an SUV person and the Fortuner means the ultimate machine to you, the Fortuner it is for you then.

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