Buying a new car is quite an experience, but it involves a lot of research and brainstorming. One bad decision can lead to this happy experience becoming a nightmare. So you must note some important points before you make the big decision. In today’s article, we will discuss five tips to keep in mind while buying a car.

Budget and financing

car buying tips

Though this seems obvious, several people spend big on an expensive car and then regret it later. So you must fix your budget and also consider the financing options. In India, manufacturers tend to advertise the ex-showroom price. But one should remember that the on-road pricing can be quite different and you need to manage your finances according to the on-road price.


car buying tips

Once you set the budget, it is important to know what type of car you are looking at. The first thing is the type of fuel – petrol, diesel, CNG or even an electric. Then consider if you want a manual or an automatic gearbox according to your convenience. Also, consider which body type you want – a hatchback, sedan or SUV.

Car buying tips – Ownership cost

Buying a car is tough, but the real work starts once you buy your car. In the end, you spend a lot more on maintaining the car. The general rule of thumb is that the more expensive a car, the more will be its maintenance cost. So you must factor in this cost when you buy a new car.

Proper test drive

car buying tips

Test driving a car is the best way to know if it is the perfect fit for you. During the test drive, go around a familiar road that will help you better understand the car. Try driving on bad roads to see the comfort and ride quality of the car. Also, see how refined the engine is at slow and high speeds. Also, take in a friend or family members who can help you give a fresh perspective about the above factors.

Car buying tips – Take it slow

car buying tips

Being such a big investment, you must control your emotions. Purchase a car after performing extensive research so that you don’t regret your decision later on. Take test drives of all shortlisted cars, maybe even check out cars you are not considering to get a feel. This will help to make you a more informed decision. 

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