India is a country known for innovations, hacks and jugaads. Indian people have always been known for their creativity. We Indians know how to merge practicality and creativity. Thanks to this combination, we get to see a lot of smart hacks being used by common people in their regular lives. Today, we bring to you one such case where a man is using an F1-inspired car to deliver something, presumably milk. Even Anand Mahindra reacted to this. We will take a brief look at the complete scenario in this article and what was Anand Mahindra’s reaction after seeing this F1-inspired car.

What is this F1-inspired car?

Anand Mahindra f1-inspired car

Looking at the car, it instantly becomes clear that this F1-inspired machine is the result of some sort of college project. This car comes with low seating and long wheelbase. However, one unique thing about this car is that it gets a single wheel at the rear. The project car even gets what looks like battery packs. However, whether it is powered by electricity or by an ICE is unclear.

What is so unique about this whole incident?

Anand Mahindra f1-inspired car

It is not daily that we get to see an F1-inspired car being used for delivery. We can see quite a few milk containers spread across the vehicle, which gives us the impression that this vehicle is being used for milk delivery. The car can be seen cruising at a respectable speed. It might not be very fast but is definitely not a lackluster either. One great thing about the whole situation is that the driver is wearing a helmet. Keeping safety at the top is very important for everyone. The vehicle can even be seen with flashing indicators. All-in-all, the project seems to be a success as not many car projects get to see the final light, either due to the recurring problems during the development phase or due to lack of resources.

What is Anand Mahindra’s reaction on seeing this F1-inspired car?

Anand Mahindra f1-inspired car

Anand Mahindra did mention that he is not sure whether this F1-inspired car meets the necessary road regulations, but it is really one of the coolest things that he has seen in a very long time. He also expressed his wish to meet the owner/driver of this vehicle.

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