The sub-four-metre segment continues to grow at a rapid pace. All major manufacturers have their cars in this segment. But still, no cars in this segment come with a CNG option. Considering the rising fuel prices, people have started to consider alternate options like CNG. Along these lines, we have now spotted a Sonet CNG in testing. In today’s article, we will discuss the Kia Sonet CNG and whether this could be the first factory CNG automatic car in India.  

What was spotted?

Kia Sonet CNG

A Kia Sonet with a testing number plate was spotted near the brand’s plant in Anantapur. But the interesting part is that this is a CNG Sonet in testing. The testing car comes with the old Kia logo and a CNG sticker on the rear windshield. It also has a CNG intake valve next to the petrol filling cap. Also, it is being tested on the top GTX variant, which only comes with the 1.0-litre turbo-petrol engine. Looking at this, we expect the Sonet CNG to be turbo-petrol powered car.

Why is Kia bringing CNG on the Sonet?

Kia Sonet CNG

CNG was earlier associated with smaller cars. But the rising fuel prices have forced manufacturers to extend this option to SUVs as well. Maruti is already working on giving the new generation Brezza a factory-fitted CNG option. There are rumours that Tata is also planning to launch a CNG version of the Nexon. So it seems logical that Kia is also testing CNG for the Sonet.

Could this be the first CNG automatic?

Kia Sonet CNG

As mentioned above, Kia is testing the CNG variant on the turbo-petrol engine. At present, the turbo-petrol engine come with an iMT and a DCT gearbox option. So we expect that Kia can offer an automatic gearbox option on the Sonet as well. If Kia does this, it will be first CNG automatic car in India.

Kia Sonet CNG – launch and pricing

Kia Sonet CNG

There is no official confirmation from Kia regarding the Sonet CNG but we can expect Kia to launch it by the end of this year. We expect Kia Sonet CNG to be launched before Maruti enters the game with its Brezza CNG. Kia might bring CNG options with a wide variants of variants to tap into the demand. The Sonet CNG is expected to be Rs 70,000 to Rs 90,000 more expensive than corresponding petrol variants.

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