Cars have evolved a lot over the last few years. Manufacturers are giving maximum preference to convinience and comfort. This is the reason why automatic gearboxes are slowly becoming a preference in India, even in the affordable segments. Currently, DCT gearboxes are considered the best in terms of shifting and convenience. But they also have some problems. In today’s article, we will discuss four disadvantages of DCT gearboxes. 

Higher vehicle cost

Disadvantages of DCT gearbox

DCT gearboxes are more expensive than manual or even other automatic transmissions. This affects the overall cost of the car. For instance, the pricing of Jeep Compass Sport is Rs 21.38 lakh, while the price of the Compass Sport DCT is Rs 24.60 lakh (on-road, Mumbai).

Disadvantages of DCT gearbox- Maintenance & Service cost

DCT gearboxes are quite complex. DCT gearbox needs periodical oil changes and is not something you can avoid. Avoiding it can double the service bill. If something goes wrong in a dual-clutch transmission, the repair or replacement cost can be ridiculously high. Also, due to the complex nature of DCT gearboxes, not everyone can repair them.

Slight lag

Disadvantages of DCT gearbox

DCT gearboxes are known for their fast-shifting nature, which is true. But you may still experience a minor lag when going from a static position to a moving position. Newer DCT gearboxes have minimised this effect, but it is still quite noticeable. But once you climb the gears, you will see the instantaneous shifting of a DCT gearbox. 

Disadvantages of DCT gearbox- Overheating issue

Disadvantages of DCT gearbox

DCT gearboxes are infamous for their overheating issue. In DCT, both clutches are computer-controlled and when in bumper to bumper traffic it confuses the system. This confusion leads to heating up of the system affecting the life of the transmission. However, recent innovations done by some brands like Tata Motors in their DCA gearbox has been developed keeping this issue in mind and has thus been made to give out optimum performance for a longer duration.

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