Autonomous vehicles might not be a craze in India but many companies in foreign markets are already testing this technology on a consistent basis. Almost all major brands are working with this technology to be future-ready. Not just car companies but tech giants like Google, Intel and a bunch of others have also stepped into this domain. Since the technology is relatively new, finding an autonomous driverless vehicle is not a common sight. And finding one being pulled over is an extremely rare sight. WAIT, WHAT!? Pulling over an autonomous driverless vehicle; but why? Read on to know!

Where was a driverless vehicle pulled over?

driverless vehicle

A Cruise vehicle (Cruise is GM’s self-driving subsidiary) was recently pulled over in San Francisco. Cruise started offering free robotaxi rides to public in SF just two months back. 

Why was it pulled over?

driverless vehicle

The San Francisco police pulled over an autonomous driverless vehicle for not having its headlamps on. However, this simple event came out to be really funny due to the police officers’ baffled response. The car when pulled over did come to a halt. Police officers stepped out of their respective vehicles and went to check the vehicle, attempting to open the driver side door in order to turn the headlamps on. However, the police officer failed to do so since the door was locked.

driverless vehicle

As soon as the officer took a step back, the vehicle took a run, giving the indication that it is fleeing from the traffic stop. However, few yards down the line, the vehicle pulled over to the side and this time with its hazard lights on. The vehicle’s system was apparently finding a better, safe spot to stop. The video does end with the police officers still trying to figure out the vehicle but the whole incident has brought out the fact that how we humans get confused & baffled when something out of convention makes contact with us.

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