Royal Enfield is one of the oldest bike manufacturers in India. The brand debuted in India back in 1949. Its first product in India was the Bullet. The Bullet in itself is a very famous product. However, the Classic 350 managed to become a super hit product in India. The Classic 350 is one of the most popular bikes in India. The tagline of Royal Enfield ‘Made Like A Gun’ really suits their bikes. The Classic 350 is really appreciated by people from every age group. This popularity has resulted in long waiting periods for this bike. In this article, we have listed the reasons why people love the Classic 350 in 2022.


2022 Classic 350

The Classic 350 has managed to build its separate legacy in India. The Classic 350 stands out as a status symbol and commands a strong road presence. Due to this, the buyer of this bike doesn’t even look at its competitors in the market. The 2022 Classic 350 being on the same lines does not fail to impress its buyers.

Design and styling 

2022 Classic 350

The Royal Enfield classic 350 is a retro-looking cruiser bike. It is not a complex bike which looks very simple yet very attractive. The complete bike is made of metal, so it can easily last for longer time periods. As mentioned above, this bike does stand out from other bikes thanks to its muscular build. It suits moderate as well as heavily built people.

Engine and Sound

2022 Classic 350

This bike runs on a 349cc air-cooled long-stroke engine that makes 20bhp & 27Nm of torque. Being a long-stroke engine, this bike has got its unique thump. One of the major strong points behind its sales is its sound. Anyone can identify this bike just by listening to its exhaust note.

2022 Classic 350 – Strong low-end torque 

2022 Classic 350

This bike has got a really strong low-end torque. It means just leaving the clutch would be good for this bike to move. The long-stroke engine really helps this bike in getting a strong low-end and better mid-range. This bike in is quite effortless when it comes to riding. You can hold as low as 30kmph on its fourth gear and just open the throttle, the bike delivers the torque effortlessly. So, the ease of driving helps this bike to rule its segment.

2022 Classic 350 – Ease of modification 

2022 Classic 350

The company gives a really simple and basic bike. Being a Classic, it can easily be modified. People do tons of modifications on this bike. Most people start by changing their normal halogen headlamps to modern good-looking headlights. Also, many people change its handlebars, crash guards, exhaust pipes, alloy wheels, etc. giving it a unique touch.

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