Electric vehicles are gradually gaining momentum all over the world. In India, we are also seeing this change as the infrastructure develops. The government is also promoting this growth by offering subsidies. However, even with the subsidies, electric vehicles are still quite expensive compared to their ICE counterparts. To tackle this situation, MG is working on an affordable electric car for India. It will be called the E230, which will be a global product. In today’s article, we will see this Rs 5 lakh electric car.  

MG’s EV plan

Rs 5 lakh electric car

MG is one of the few manufacturers that has ventured into the EV space in India. It recently launched the ZS EV facelift here. With the ZS EV, MG has found great success in the premium EV segment. But now, MG is looking to target the affordable segment with the E230. MG can target the cab business with the E230 as well.

What we know about the E230?

Rs 5 lakh electric car

The E230 will be based on the Wuling Hongguang Mini, sold in China. This upcoming MG EV will be based on the SAIC-GM-Wuling global small electric vehicle platform. All the cars based on this platform are two-door vehicles. So we can expect the E230 to be the same. Dimensions wise, the Hongguang Mini is smaller than the Maruti Alto. But the E230 is expected to get a bigger wheelbase than the Hongguang Mini.

Rs 5 lakh electric carExpectations from the E230

Rs 5 lakh electric car

The MG E230 is expected to come with a 20kWh battery pack, giving it an estimated range of 150km. This kind of range will be good for urban users. MG is expected to price the E230 very aggressively in India. The Wuling Hongguang Mini EV sold in China starts from $4,200, around Rs 3.15 lakh. So if MG can price it at Rs 5 lakh, it could become a big success in India.

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  • Sir i like it. very super. in low budjet around Rs 3.15 lakh. So if MG can price is a big success in India.