The Hero Xpulse 200 is a very unique bike in India. It operates in a segment that has nothing like it for a price that is very affordable for all. The XPulse is a dual-sport machine. It can handle off-road adventures, it can take you to office and also with it’s new 4V avatar – it can also be used for highway duties with it’s engine less stressed. So obviously it makes sense that the Japanese who have perfected dual-sports and dirt bikes will want a Honda XPulse 200 competition in the market to compete with the XPulse.

What could it be?

Honda XPulse 200 competition

We are of course talking about the CRF190L. Honda has filed a patent in India for the same.This will be the Honda XPluse 200 competition in India (if it comes). The bike has been made for Honda in China. It is powered by a 184cc single cylinder engine that is also found on the Honda Hornet 2.0 and CB200X. The engine is reportedly making 15bhp and 15.7Nm of torque. The engine in India makes 17bhp and 16 Nm of torque. 

The bike comes equipped with a 19-inch front wheel and a 17-inch rear wheel and they are spoked and have dual sport tyres. It has a kerb weight of 145kg. 

Honda XPulse 200 competition – Design

Honda XPulse 200 competition

When it comes to styling, the bike does resemble the Africa Twin and the upcoming Transalp adventure bikes. Its design is simple, and purposeful. The headlamp unit is a single, vertically stacked piece. The seat is a single piece unit. It comes with mid-set foot pegs, upright handlebars and an integrated pillion grab rail. The bike gets a tubular steel cradle frame and telescopic forks which are upside down. We hope that this suspension setup is different from the CB200X and the Hornet 2.0. It should have better long-travel suspension. 


Honda XPulse 200 competition

The Honda XPulse 200 competition should be much better or on par in terms of setup, performance and has to have competitive pricing. The XPulse 200 4v is priced at around Rs 1.56 lakhs (on-road, Mumbai). What do you think about this bike? Do you think Honda should get this to India. We think Honda should get this bike here and seeing the patent filing plus engine configuration being the same as the bikes in India – it most likely will come soon. We hope that it comes this year only.

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