In today’s world where petrol and diesel prices are increasing day by day, everybody wants to churn out the maximum possible mileage from their cars. Today we will share with you five ways following which can lead to a noticeable difference in your mileage, and also, you can save some money. Although we do not guarantee anything since a car’s mileage depends on other variables as well, but these steps will definitely bring in a difference. It will not only improve the mileage of your car but also reduce the wear and tear of the car. So, let’s begin.

Improve car mileage – Tyre pressure 

improve car mileage

Talking about the first point, maintaining the specified tyre pressure is very important. Tyres bear the complete load of a car. We must neither over-fill the tyres nor under-fill them. A pressure chart mentioned on the wall of the driver’s door clearly specifies the required air pressure. Do keep in mind that the pressure is different for different cases; when driving alone and when driving with passengers. 

Be gentle on pedals

improve car mileage

Never be too hard on the pedals. Instant accelerating and instant braking greatly affects the mileage of your car Use light foot on the accelerator paddle. Brake slowly before a halt or before speed breakers. Never use harsh brakes. You will see a noticeable difference in your mileage if you take care of this. 

Using clutch and gears properly

improve car mileage

Using a clutch properly is also an important point, not just for good mileage but also for maintaining the clutch. Never be too lazy to shift gears. When you slow down your car, you must shift down. Never pick up your car on higher gears. For good mileage, shift your gear between 2,000rpm to 2,500rpm. This will help you improve mileage. 

Improve car mileage – Not stressing the engine

improve car mileage

We must not stress the engine while driving. Some people have a tendency to red-line their cars consistently. This will drastically lower the mileage. Always shift the gears between 2,000rpm to 2,500rpm as mentioned above. Never carry more weight than recommended by the company. This will put a lot of load on the engine as well as on the other parts of the car. 

Drive economically

improve car mileage

On highways, the recommended economical speed is between 70kmph to 80kmph. Use of cruise control on open highways also helps save a lot of fuel. Do keep in mind that driving on highways at a good speed with windows down reduces the mileage as well. This puts air drag and the engine has to work more than usual. Driving a car economically helps you save a lot of fuel in the long run. 

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