When it comes to the car of one of the most powerful people in the world, the car needs to be equally powerful. “The Beast” is the nickname of the US Presidential car. In this article, we will discuss the secrets of the US Presidential car and what elements make it so unique.  

Cadillac One

US Presidential car

The car looks like a modified Cadillac from far, but when you see it up close, it is totally different from any production model Cadillac. The car is built to protect one of the most powerful people on earth, The POTUS (President Of The United States). When it comes to the safety of the President, things have drastically changed from 1963 after the assassination of President Kennedy.

The Beast

US Presidential car

There is absolutely nothing about the sheet metal that is from a production Cadillac. The armor-plated doors are eight inches thick. When they close, it forms a 100% seal to lock out any chemical attack. The door is as heavy as a Boeing 747. The car weighs around 22,000 lbs (9 tones). The Beast is equipped to handle any kind of situation. An oxygen tank is hidden in case it is needed. The windows are five fused layers of armored glass and polycarbonate.

None can roll down except the driver’s window. It can only go down three inches. The Beast is built on a truck frame with steel plates lined to handle roadside bombs. The tyres of the Beast are run-flat tyres that are reinforced with Kevlar that eliminate any possibility of puncture or being shredded. The Beast can run on its steel rims if for some reason the tyres cannot make it through a dangerous situation.

The engine details are classified and only the people from the secret services know about it. The Beast can withstand any kind of attack, be it gunshots, grenades, RPG attacks, chemical weapons, and even nuclear attacks, it’s practically a moving bunker.

Belly of the Beast

US Presidential car

Inside the Beast, there is a fire fighting system, tear gas and smoke screen dispersers, and pump-action shotguns. The Beast also has cameras, night vision cameras, GPS, and a satellite phone that can connect the President to the Pentagon and the Vice President instantly. It also has a mini-fridge that stores two litres of blood that matches the blood group of the current President to carry out blood transfusion in case of an emergency.

The Beast can also spay oil if being chased. The Beast is a tank in disguise ready to take on any situation that can threaten the President’s safety. The Beast also carries a case through which the President can convey the launch codes to a nuclear weapon in case of an emergency.

The Driver of the Beast

US Presidential car

The Driver of the Beast is not just an ordinary person. He/she is from the secret services has undergone extensive training and is said to be able to maneuver a 180-degree J turn while driving the Beast. Looking at the size and weight of the Beast, it doesn’t seem like an easy task. They are trained for both offensive and defensive driving while keeping the occupants of the Beast safe, all the time.

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