While the world was bringing in the New Year in a thousand ways and then some, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. (HMSI) decided to greet their fans in their own unique way. The Japanese two-wheeler major has been long rumoured to be launching a new, sub-brand of commuter motorcycles in the market. Honda decided to dangle the carrot then, when they released a special creative wishing their fans a Happy NAVi Year. 

Honda, in-fact had a hectic time in the year that went by, with them launching a host of motorcycles including the 110cc premium commuter – the Livo and the quad-cylinder, middle-weight sports tourer, the CBR650F. Turns out, the two-wheeler major has no plans of getting off the throttle and the recent, ‘NAVi’ brand of commuter motorcycles is a step in just that direction.

A couple of things that are known about the upcoming motorcycle is that it will feature a 100-125cc single-cylinder motor, in keeping with its commuter aspirations. But Honda is set on stretching the fuel mile and is likely to equip the motorcycle with an advanced, start-stop mechanism that should cut down significantly on idling losses. A similar capacity motorcycle has indeed been reported to be doing the test-mule rounds, but nothing further can be confirmed at the moment.

All should be revealed however, at the Auto Expo where Honda will be at Hall No. 6, unveiling their latest offering to the world. So stay tuned.


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