When it comes to electric cars, Tesla is a brand that you cannot skip. Tesla is always in the news for some or the other reasons. The way Tesla created a strong popularity for electric vehicles across the globe is remarkable. The brand has for sure come a long way over the years bringing in new & unique technology for its cars. In this article, we will be discussing five things that you should know about Tesla in 2022.

Full Self Driving 

Tesla in 2022

This is a paid update over the currently provided ‘Auto Pilot’ feature in Tesla cars. This feature includes navigation on autopilot, auto lane change, full self-driving computer, traffic light & stop sign control, and summon. Autosteer on a city street will be added soon. All these updates are offered for a price of $12,000. The FSD (Full Self Driving) will take autonomous driving to a completely next level. Tesla is getting closer to the FSD production code release.

No New Cars

Tesla in 2022

Tesla will not be launching any new cars in 2022. This might be a surprise to many Tesla fans, but it’s true. They will be focusing on the production of their existing cars and getting it streamlined for enhanced efficiency and balancing out the supply & demand chain.

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla in 2022

The Cybertruck was unveiled in November 2019. The production of the Tesla Cybertruck will be carried out at Giga Austin, Texas, and will be ready by end of 2022. We can expect the Cybertruck to be officially launched for buyers sometime next year or even later.

Tesla 2022 Giga Factory

Tesla in 2022

The Tesla Gigafactory at Austin, Texas will start production in full swing by February 2022. Various legal complications had pushed the construction of the factory way behind its schedule. The production at Giga Berlin was expected to start by 2021. Tesla has submitted all the documentation required for approval to start production.

Tesla Giga Berlin has got permission to build 2000 units for test purposes. These cars will be not be sold to customers. These are test cars built to calibrate the production line at Giga Berlin. Tesla Giga Austin and Giga Berlin will be producing the Model-Y SUV this year as there is a huge demand for this car.

Tesla 2022 Energy

Tesla in 2022

Tesla will be focusing on sustainable energy as well. They will be working on Megapack energy storage systems. They will be increasing their capacity from 4GWh produced in 2021. Tesla will be introducing larger Megapacks this quarter, targeting to grow Megapack production to nearly 50GWh by 2023.  

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