Let’s be honest, driving a car is fun for most people. However, many people ignore small things that lead to major complications and injuries in the long run. There are some basic and simple habits you can include to make your driving more comfortable. In this article, we will discuss driver touchpoints and how they can add comfort while driving a car.  

Getting Ready

comfortable driving

The correct driving experience starts the moment you get in your driver’s seat. Most men carry wallets in their back pockets. This is a big mistake as this could lead to neck and spinal ailments in the long run. Always store your wallet in the storage spaces provided in the cabin. Usually, carmakers do provide storage space between the driver seat & the front row passenger seat. This space can be used to store your wallet and smartphone so that you can sit comfortably in your car.

Seating Position

comfortable driving

The seating position is the next important factor to be considered for comfortable driving. The seat should not be too close to the steering wheel or too far away from it. The seat height should also be adjusted correctly as per your comfort, where you can see the edge of your car’s bonnet without leaning forward.

Comfortable driving – Hands Position

comfortable driving

Adjust your steering wheel according to your seating position. The correct way to hold your steering is to hold it with two hands in a 9-by-3 position. Adjust all three mirrors so that you get an optimum view of the traffic coming from behind. Also use all three mirrors (left ORVM, IRVM, and the right ORVM) while driving. Keeping your hands in the 12 o’clock position will cause more damage in case of an accident and interfere when the airbag is deployed after impact.

Comfortable driving – Position of legs

comfortable driving leg position

Correct leg position also matters when it comes to comfort while driving. If you have adjusted your seat correctly, then you should not face any problem for reaching the foot paddles. You should be resting your heel on the floor of your car and press the paddle using the ball of your foot. There should be sufficient thigh support and your knees should be placed at a comfortable distance and not interfere with the steering.

Seat Belt and Headrest

comfortable driving

Last and most important thing before you start your car is to adjust your seat belt in the correct manner. The lower part of the seat belt should be above your pelvic bone and not over your abdomen. Adjust your headrest to maintain a minimum distance between the headrest and the back of your head.  This will be very useful when there is an impact from behind as it will cause minimum injury to the neck and spine.  

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