Tata Motors has been aggressive with its product lineup in India. It has been launching some great products in different segments. Another thing that it has done well is giving constant updates and bringing special editions for its cars. Tata Safari, the brand’s flagship offering got the ‘Gold Edition’ update last year. Now, Tata has teased another special edition of the Safari. This time, it is expected to be the ‘Dark Edition’. In today’s article, we will discuss the upcoming Tata Safari Dark edition.  

What has Tata teased?

Tata Safari Dark Edition

Tata Motors tweeted a video, teasing the front fascia of the Safari with blacked-out grille and paint. The #ReclaimYourLife gave us a clear hint of it being the Safari. Tata also teased the new era of bold. Tata will launch the Safari Dark Edition on the 17th of January.

What will the Safari Dark Edition get?

Tata Safari Dark Edition

Tata has offered the Dark Edition update to all its premium offerings in the market starting from Altroz to Harrier. So, it was just a matter of time before Safari received this update too. Only cosmetic changes are expected with the ‘Dark Edition’ updates. We thus expect the same with the Safari as well. Similar to the Harrier Dark Edition, the Safari will also get a new black exterior colour with a deep blue undertone, special #DARK badges, blacked-out headlamp bezel and blacked-out alloy wheels. On the interior front, it will get an all-black interior theme, Blackstone upholstery, Blackstone matrix dashboard and a puncture repair kit. 

Variants and pricing

Tata Safari Dark Edition

We expect Tata to offer the Safari Dark Edition on similar variants as the Harrier. So we can expect Dark Edition to be coupled with XT, XT Plus, XZ, XTA Plus, XZA and the XZA plus trims. As far as pricing is concerned, Tata generally asks for a premium of Rs 3,000 to Rs 10,000, depending on the variants.

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