The next generation BMW X3 (G01) has been spotted with its production body once again and this time in the cold Sweden in order to get winter tested. Compared to earlier mules/prototypes these latest prototypes seems to have come further into development and is showing new details. Just like on the BMW 5 Series Touring where the first prototypes where actually mules based on the current version , we suspect that BMW made the same with the early X3 prototypes as these production body prototypes are looking different.

These new prototypes are showing off parts of the front bumper, has side sills and also a more correct rear bumper. And look how wide the grille has grown. The lights are still fake, but now the front lights at least have their real shape. Rear lights are still completely fake and the back end now also has a roof spoiler.

BMW X3 Winter 2

At the back we also notice the roof spoiler. The new X3 is expected to ride on the upcoming CLAR platform, which will be shared among all future models from the 3 Series and up. This will make it possible for the X3 to lose up to 100 kg compared to the current X3.


Expect a range of petrol and diesel engines as well as plug-in versions. And for performance freaks we have some good news; the new X3 is also expected to come in a real M version this time. So make sure you have your money saved for the X3 M.

Thank You CarPix for the images.


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