Tata has been aggressive with its product lineup in India. It has been launching some great products. It is also constantly updating its cars to outwit the competition. We know there are a slew of new cars coming this year too. Another strategy Tata has used well is bringing a special edition of its current popular cars. Tata is expected to launch even more special editions in the coming time. In today’s article, we will see upcoming limited edition Tata cars.¬†

Punch Dark Edition

Tata Punch

The Punch is Tata’s latest offering in India. Like all other Tata SUVs, we can expect Punch Dark Edition soon. It will be a cosmetic update with blacked-out exteriors and interiors. It will also get the dark edition badging on the side profile and the headrests.

Limited Edition Tata cars – Nexon Gold Edition

Top 3 Tata cars

The Nexon is a star performer for Tata motors. So Tata will be looking to give it a special edition to capitalise on this popularity. Most probably, it will give it a gold edition like the Safari. It will get gold highlights on the exterior and interiors. Tata might also give it some new features like it did on the Safari gold edition. 

Harrier Gold edition and Adventure Persona 

The Harrier could get two editions from the Safari. It could first get the gold edition from the Safari. In the gold edition, it will get gold highlights on the exterior and interiors. With the gold edition, it will also get the much-needed addition of ventilated seats, air purifier, wireless charging and wireless andriod auto and Apple Carplay. Another edition the Harrier could get is the adventure persona. The adventure persona edition will give the tropical mist colour and earthy brown interiors.  

Limited Edition Tata cars- Safari Dark Edition and Camo Edition

Tata Safari gold edition

Tata can bring two special editions on the Safari. The first could be the dark edition it gives to all its cars. In the dark edition, the Safari will get completely blacked out exteriors and interiors. It will get a hashtag dark badging on the side profile and the headrests. Another special edition could be the Camo edition it had given to the Harrier. The camo edition will get a special olive green shade with a camo badge on the front fender. In the interiors, it will get an all-black theme with green stitching.

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