KTM recently announced that they plan to phase out the current RC and Duke 125,200 and 390 globally by 2016. It will be replaced by a completely new line up in early 2017.   

The Austrian manufacturer is now working towards an all-new platform that will underpin the 125, 200 and 390 motorcycles, replacing the outgoing ones completely. As a result, the automaker will phase out the current RC and Duke lineup next year.

“We are working with partner Bajaj Auto to develop an all-new platform that will be replacing the Duke and RC 125cc, 200cc and 373cc powered motorcycles.

The new platform will see joint investments from both companies and will not only be completely new in terms of engineering and design but also on a component level, keeping things interesting as more sophisticated equipment will be loaded on the bikes” said the KTM CEO Mr. Stephen Pierer.

With KTM’s recent acquisition of Husqvarna, we can expect to see many more models to be locally manufactured and sold in India. KTM is also currently developing its 500cc-800cc parallel twin engines models to compete in that particular segment.

Finally, we also expect to see some bigger orange machines arriving in the country via the CKD or CBU route including the Super Duke 1290 R, 1290 Super Adventure arriving at our shores soon.


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