The SUV segment has seen a steady rise in overall sales. There is demand for various types of SUVs, from micro to full-size. The Micro SUV segment was recently rejuvenated by the launch of Tata Punch. The Punch has raked in good sales for Tata, which has also attracted interest from other manufacturers. Hyundai already has a micro-SUV in the form of the Casper, but it will be bringing a different micro-SUV for India. In today’s article, we will see Hyundai’s micro-SUV.

Why not the Casper?  

Hyundai micro-SUV

As mentioned above, Hyundai already has Casper in South Korea. But the problem is that Casper is quite a compact car. Such compact cars are quite popular in Korea. Also, the Casper is an important economic venture in South Korea. In India, the Casper would not sell that well due to its ultra-compact dimensions. 

What will the new SUV be?  

Hyundai micro-SUV

A new media report claims that Hyundai is planning to enter the Micro-SUV segment for the Indian and global markets. This new SUV will rival the likes of Tata Punch and Maruti Ignis. This micro-SUV has been codenamed Ai3 and reports claim that Hyundai has already started working on it. The Ai3 is expected to be launched in 2023.

What could the Hyundai micro-SUV get?

Hyundai micro-SUV

It is expected to be based on the Santro platform. The Ai3 is expected to get a more balanced design than the Casper. It might get a design similar to the Venue. As with any Hyundai car, it will get premium looking interiors. Hyundai will also load it with features to take on the Tata Punch. Engine-wise it will most probably borrow engines from the Grand i10 Nios for the Indian market.

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