The next step after you have purchased your car is to learn to drive it the correct way. Driving is a skill that improves with time and practice. In this article, we will discuss five tips that will help you to improve your driving skills.

Correct Seating Position

driving tips

Let’s start from the point where you enter your car. Adjust your seat as per your height and make sure that you are sitting in a comfortable position where your legs can easily reach the accelerator, brake, and clutch. Adjust your steering wheel according to your seating position. The correct way to hold your steering is to hold it with two hands and at the 9 by 3 position. Adjust all three mirrors to give you an optimum view of the traffic coming from behind. Also use all three mirrors (left ORVM, IRVM, and the right ORVM) while driving.

Shifting Gears

Driving Tips

While driving a car take your hand off the steering wheel to change gear. Once you have changed the gear place your hand back on the steering wheel. Avoid keeping your hand on the gear lever after you have changed gears. Steering a car with just one hand could lead to a fatal accident.

Keep Safe Distance

Keeping a safe distance between cars in front of your car while driving is a best practice. While driving in the city the ideal safe distance should be between two to three metres. The best way to maintain this distance is to keep enough distance between the car ahead of you where you can see a bit of road and tyres of the car easily. When driving on the highway and moving faster than city driving the distance should be double or say around five metres. This will be helpful in case of sudden braking and avoid any accidents or mishaps while driving.

Lane Discipline

Lane Discpline

Usually, lanes are divided into three depending on speed. The left lane is for slow speed and to take a left turn, the middle lane is for medium speed and overtaking, while the third lane is for fast-moving vehicles. Observe proper lane discipline and choose the lane as per your speed. Give correct indicators while changing lanes or making a turn. Do not stop in any lane that may cause traffic congestion. Also, use hazard lamps if you face a car breakdown and have parked your car on the extreme left side of the road.

Avoid Unnecessary Clutch

driving tips

Avoid using clutch and brakes when not required. It’s good practice to take your foot off the clutch once you are done changing gears. This will avoid unnecessary wear and tear of the clutch and prevent any damage to the clutch.

Bonus Tip

Follow traffic rules as they are made for the safety of the people using the road, be it driving a car, riding a motorcycle, or walking on the street. Remember to be the better guy.

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