Since the last decade and more, car buyers in India have been drawn towards SUVs. If you check sales figures of most of the car makers in India, you will find SUVs topping their sales charts. Now things are about to change as brands are trying to launch new products that belong to a new segment. In this article, we will discuss upcoming cars that can change the trend in India and become trendsetters in true sense.

Toyota Hilux

cars that change trends

The first car on our list is the Toyota Hilux. Although pick-up trucks are not new to the country but looking at the excitement around the Hilux, we expect it to set a trend for this segment trucks in India. Before the Toyota Hilux, few brands did get their pickup truck in the Indian market, but very few are seen on the roads today.

Toyota Hilux is very popular in foreign markets. Toyota is banking on the international popularity of the Hilux for its launch in India. The pricing of the Toyota Hilux will be revealed in March 2022 with the deliveries set to begin in April.

Maruti Suzuki Jimny

cars that change trends

Maruti Suzuki Jimny is a lifestyle vehicle that has been on everyone’s list since it made its first public appearance. The Jimny is expected to come in a five-door version when it launches in India. The cars that belong to this segment are Mahindra Thar and Force Gurkha. Maruti Suzuki has gauged the market sentiments and therefore has planned to launch the Jimny in a five-door version in India. This will make this off-roader more practical and user-friendly. Maruti Suzuki is expected to launch the Jimny sometime in 2022.

Skoda Slavia

cars that change trends

With SUVs trending, the love for sedans seems to have faded away. The fraction of buyers considering a sedan these days has drastically dropped. With that being said, Skoda’s recently-unveiled Slavia could flip the switch for sedans. The Skoda Slavia might make the Indian buyers start considering a sedan again when they plan to buy a new car. The Skoda Slavia will launch in March 2022.

This was our list of new trend-setting cars that we expect in 2022. If you have car buying doubts click here to ask! Get the lowest price for car insurance here. For more such content stay subscribed to MotorOctane YoutubeGoogle News Facebook, and Twitter. Also, follow us on Flipboard and Reddit where we have a discussion community.


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