The Venue is another best selling SUV from Hyundai after the Creta. It has been popular in its segment due to its modern features and Hyundai’s reliability. However, since its debut in 2019, it has not received any major update. Hyundai is now working on a Venue facelift to take on the competition that has in a way overtaken the Hyundai Venue with its new features, high safety & bold styling. In today’s article, we will see features Hyundai Venue will get to beat the competition. 

Design update

Hyundai Venue features

Hyundai will give the Venue a major update on the exterior front. Recently, the Venue facelift was spotted testing in Korea. From the spy shots, it is clear that Hyundai is giving the Venue a sharper design. At the rear, it will get inverted L-shaped taillamps with a connecting strip. Other expected exterior changes will include new bumpers, a new grille and new headlamps.

2022 Hyundai Venue features – Diesel automatic

Hyundai Venue features

The Venue currently comes with petrol and diesel engine options. It gets proper automatic options on the petrol engines but doesn’t get automatic options on its with the diesel engine. Considering the demand for an automatic gearbox being so high, Hyundai will most likely give it a diesel automatic gearbox in the facelift. 

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

Hyundai Venue features

ADAS is quickly becoming a must-have feature in new cars. If Hyundai can bring ADAS to Venue, it can be a game-changer in the compact SUV segment. It will most likely get ADAS (level 1) with features like lane keep assist, lane departure warning etc.  Considering Hyundai is already adding ADAS on the Creta, it can very well do it on the Venue too. 

Bigger touchscreen

Hyundai Venue features

Big touch screens have become an important selling point in the market. The Venue comes with an 8.0-inch infotainment system, but competition cars like the Kia Sonet offer a bigger and better touchscreen. Hyundai should give it a bigger touchscreen with a better UI.

Hyundai Venue 2022 features-Ventilated seats

Hyundai Venue features

Ventilated seats are quickly becoming a must-have feature in our hot and humid climate conditions. These seats offer great ventilation to the back leading to less fatigue on long drives. The Sonet already gets ventilated seats in this segment and the Venue might follow it in the upcoming update.

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