Searching for a family car is a huge task, especially in India, where the sizes of families differ from family to family. While looking for a family car we will consider the car to be spacious, cost-effective, sufficient boot space, and comfortable for a long journey. In this article, we will discuss five used family cars that you can buy.

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga


When it comes to MPV, Maruti Suzuki Ertiga is the car that rules the segment. The Ertiga is a seven-seater that’s available in petrol and CNG variant. Before the implementation of BS6 norms, the Ertiga was also available with a diesel engine. The car is easily available in the used car market. Servicing a Maruti car will not be any hassle, also spares are reasonably priced and easily available. A used Maruti Ertiga in good condition will cost around Rs 6 lakh to Rs 9 lakh depending on the variant and number of years used.

Toyota Innova

Innova india

The list of family cars would be incomplete if the Toyota Innova is not included in that list. The car has been around for quite some time. The Innova is known for its spacious interiors, premium looks, and durable engine. The car is available in six-seater and seven-seater configurations, that offer ample space for people and luggage without any compromise on comfort. A used Toyota Innova will cost around Rs 10 lakhs to Rs 15 lakh approximately depending on the number of years the car has been used. It will be a solid car for anyone who is planning to keep this car

Mahindra Marazzo


Mahindra Marazzo is a modern MPV from Mahindra that is offered in eight-seater and seven-seater configurations. The car gets a powerful 1.5-litre turbocharged diesel engine. This car is known for its spacious interiors and usable third-row seating. The car being quite recent will be a bit difficult to find in the used car market. However, if you are lucky – you can find this car between the price range of Rs 7.50 lakh to Rs 10.50 lakh in the used car market.

Honda BR-V

Hond BR-V

Honda had launched an MPV in the Indian market by the name Honda BR-V. The car was offered as a seven-seater with spacious interiors, good for big families, and had a reliable engine and service from Honda. Currently, the Honda BR-V is discontinued and one can find this car in the used market between the price range of Rs 6.75 lakh to Rs 8.50 lakh.

Tata Hexa

Tata Hexa

Tata Hexa was a mid-sized SUV manufactured by Tata Motors from 2017 to 2020. The car is currently discontinued but if one can find this car in the used car market, consider yourself very lucky. The car was offered with a 2.2-litre Varicor diesel engine and also had a 4×4 variant. The Hexa was also available in a five-speed manual, six-speed manual, and six-speed automatic gearbox. This car was offered with a six-seater and seven-seater configuration. The Tata Hexa will be a deal to steal if found in the used car market. The used Hexa can be found in the price range of Rs 9.50 lakh to Rs 14 lakh approximately.

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