Tata Motors has been making big strides in the EV space. Their cars have garnered applause for their budget-friendly pricing when compared to the competition. Tata is looking to continue this domination by launching more electric vehicles. It is working on a sleeve of products to launch to dominate the EV space in India. In today’s article, we will see Tata Motors electric domination plan.

What is up with Tata’s EV plan?

Tata Motors electric plan

Tata Motors has recently set up a wholly-owned subsidiary for its EV business. The brand had already announced its plans of setting up a separate subsidiary a few weeks back and has now made it official by setting up Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Limited (TPEML). This entity will be taking care of designing, developing and manufacturing of all EVs as well as hybrid electric vehicles henceforth. TPEML will also partner with Tata Power Limited to facilitate charging network infrastructure.

Altroz EV

Tata Motors electric plan

The Altroz is a successful hatchback for Tata Motors. It is known for its great design and features. Tata is working on Altroz’s EV Avatar to replicate its success in the EV space. Tata has showcased the Altroz EV at various events. It will get Tata’s Ziptron motor with an IP67-rated battery. It is expected to have a range of close to 200km on a single charge. 

Tiago EV

Tata Motors electric plan

Tiago was the car that established Tata’s trajectory to fame in India for the second time. The Tiago is thus an important product for Tata. So we expect Tata to bring an EV version of the Tiago which the brand has already showcased during the Auto Expo 2020. It will be Tata’s cheapest EV offering in India. Engine specifications and battery range will be similar to the Tigor EV.

Tata Motors electric plan- Punch EV

Tata Motors electric plan

Tata recently launched the Punch sub-compact SUV. It has garnered a good response from customers in the first few months. The Punch is built on the ALFA-Arc platform so Tata can easily convert it into an EV in the future. Engine and battery specifications are expected to be similar to the Altroz EV.

Sierra EV

Tata Motors electric plan

The Sierra is an iconic nameplate in the Indian market. It was a three-door sports utility vehicle produced by Tata Motors which rose to fame due to its very unique design. It was also the first SUV to be designed and produced in India. Tata had shown a futuristic concept of the Sierra at Auto Expo 2020. This was an EV version with a lot of focus given on comfort and luxury. We expect the production-ready car to carry forward most elements from the concept car.

Tata Motors electric plan- Safari EV

Tata Motors electric plan

The Safari is another iconic car in the Indian market. Tata brought back the Safari nameplate to capture the market this year. The Safari being based on the Omega Platform can easily accommodate electric setup. We expect Tata to install four individual motors at each wheel giving Safari four-wheel-drive capabilities. The Safari EV could get a range of 300-350km.

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