Features have always been a weak point in Maruti cars. Maruti generally focuses more on the mechanical aspects of the car, like Toyota. But features have become an important selling point in the current market. So Maruti had to react and bring in features on its new cars. Recently the new-generation Brezza was leaked online, confirming a lot of new features. In today’s article, we will see features that will finally make their way to Maruti cars. 


Maruti cars with features

Maruti was quite vocal about not offering sunroofs in their cars. They had mentioned how sunroofs were not practical in our climate. But it seems that Maruti has had to finally give in to the competition and offer a sunroof. The new-generation Brezza spy shots did reveal a sunroof making it the first Maruti car with a factory fitted sunroof. Now we expect other Maruti cars to also get sunroof in their future updates. 

New hybrid system

Maruti cars with features

Currently, some Maruti cars come with a basic hybrid system. This system is only capable of powering the electrical appliance of the car when the engine is turned off. Now Maruti is working on a proper hybrid system. This hybrid system will come with a 48V battery pack. The new-generation Brezza will be the first car to get this new system.

Maruti cars with features- Paddle shifters

Maruti cars with features

Automatic gearboxes are becoming more and more popular in the Indian market. But sometimes, people wish to manually shift gears in automatic transmission. This is where paddle shifters come into play. The spy shots of the new-generation Brezza have confirmed that it will get paddle shifters. In this segment, only the Kia Sonet comes with paddle shifters. 


Maruti cars with features

Safety has been something that Maruti cars have lacked a bit. But Maruti is looking to change this with the new-generation Brezza. It is expected to get six airbags, ABS+EBD, traction control and ESP. We also expect Maruti to work on the structural rigidity of the Brezza.

Bigger infotainment system

Maruti cars with features

Currently, a 7.0-inch infotainment system is the biggest in Maruti cars. The new-generation Brezza will get an 8/9-inch floating touchscreen giving the dashboard a modern look. We expect Maruti to offer this touchscreen on other Maruti cars too in the future.

Maruti cars with features- 360-degree camera

Maruti cars with features

Another big addition is a 360-degree camera. The 360-degree camera is quite useful in manoeuvring SUVs in our congested cities. The new-generation Brezza is confirmed to get a 360-degree camera. Currently, only the Magnite comes with a 360-degree camera in this segment. 

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